New report from IDC highlights the many benefits of VMware VVols

I find one of the biggest barriers to VVols adoption is lack of customer understanding of what VVols is and what it will do for them. Many customers are happy with VMFS and the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mind-sight is prevalent which keeps them using what they are comfortable with. I’m always trying to preach the many benefits that VVols brings by educating customers and I find that once customers understand VVols and the benefits they get motivated to give VVols a try.

I’ve done my own posts here on the benefits of VVols such as the Top 10 reasons to start using VVols right now. Recently I’ve worked with IDC on a new technology spotlight paper entitled “VVols Provides Powerful Application-Aware Management for vSphere Environments“. How this paper came about is kind of a funny story. Apparently an analyst from IDC was reading my blog post on why there are almost no VVols sessions at VMworld this year were I state that VMware feels they have done enough to market VVols and it is up to the partners to market their own VVols solutions. The analyst reached out to one of the storage product management directors at HPE and said hey you have a great VVols solution, we’d love to help you market it, I then got involved with briefing IDC and then reviewing the paper and the end result is a paper that promotes the benefits of VVols.

The paper is fairly vendor agnostic as it relates to the benefits of VVols so if you need further confirmation of how VVols can benefit you from a respected analyst firm give it a read. I also did a post on the HPE Storage blog that highlights the challenges that exist with traditional VMFS storage and how VVols helps transform storage in vSphere to help set the stage for this paper.

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