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Aug 26 2016

Vendors you don’t want to miss at VMworld: Zerto

One of the best parts of VMworld is checking out the Solutions Exchange which is your one stop shop for just about any product or solution for your virtual environment. Vendors bring their best and brightest people to these events so its a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the many great products available for vSphere. I’d thought I’d highlight a few of these vendors in a series of posts that you will not want to miss seeing at VMworld, next up: Zerto

Zerto provides enterprise-class business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solutions for virtualized infrastructure and cloud. Zerto won Best of Show at VMworld 2011, as well as 2011 Product of the Year Gold Award. Zerto has a lot going on at VMworld, they will be at Booth #2231 in the Solutions Exchange but just look for the sea of red and you will find them. They also know how to throw an awesome party and will feature an all-female AC/DC cover band at their party on Monday so don’t miss out. Here’s what you can expect from Zerto at VMworld:

  • DEMO Derby: If you thought you were in love with the Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR) product before, wait until you kick the tires on some brand NEW features! If you really love it, you can sign up for Beta right on site. All of this will be available for your pleasure in booth #2231. Think Genius Bar on steroids ;-).
  • Zerto Theater Session: Join Technical Evangelist Josh Stenhouse as he discusses the ever-changing world of IT in his session, “Evolving your BC/DR Technology” in Theater A, Tuesday at 3:20pm.
  • Get ThunDRstruck: The Zerto team is known for throwing quite a mean party and we won’t let you down this year either! We have booked an all-female AC/DC cover band, AC/DShe. We will be partying it up right at the super convenient House of Blues in Mandalay Bay on Monday night at 8pm -11pm. It is first come, first serve, so sign up for it here:
  • #RedWed: We do it every year and it just keeps on getting better! Step 1) stop by our booth to pick up one of our kick-@$$ Tshirts. Step 2) wear the kick-@$$ Tshirt on Wednesday (that’s right – one less thing to pack) and you could win some awesome prizes. We are doing a drawing at the Zerto booth 2231 at 3pm on Wednesday for our main giveaway: Oculus Rift BUT if you tweet or get spotted on the show floor we have over $2,000 in prizes just burning a hole in our pockets

– See more at:

Aug 26 2016

Vendors you don’t want to miss at VMworld: Turbonomic

One of the best parts of VMworld is checking out the Solutions Exchange which is your one stop shop for just about any product or solution for your virtual environment. Vendors bring their best and brightest people to these events so its a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the many great products available for vSphere. I’d thought I’d highlight a few of these vendors in a series of posts that you will not want to miss seeing at VMworld, next up: Turbonomic (formerly VMTurbo)

Turbonomic has been around since 2010 and offers a great virtualization management and monitoring tool with a twist. It analyzes your virtualization environment and instead of just reporting issues to you so you can intervene and resolve them, it attempts to resolve them for you. Turbonomic’s Autonomic Platform enables heterogeneous environments to self-manage to assure the performance of any application in any cloud. Turbonomic’s patented decision engine dynamically analyzes application demand and allocates shared resources in real time to maintain a continuous state of application health.

You can visit Turbonomic at VMworld in the Solutions Exchange at Booth #1139 were you can complete missions to earn points to win some pretty cool top dollar swag such as  a TurboStack Home Lab, Oculus Rifts, Amazon Taps, Raspberry Pi’s and more! Read all about it and sign-up here.

Aug 24 2016

Vendors you don’t want to miss at VMworld 2016: Veeam

One of the best parts of VMworld is checking out the Solutions Exchange which is your one stop shop for just about any product or solution for your virtual environment. Vendors bring their best and brightest people to these events so its a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the many great products available for vSphere. I’d thought I’d highlight a few of these vendors in a series of posts that you will not want to miss seeing at VMworld, next up: Veeam

Veeam started as a small privately owned company that was founded in 2006 by Ratmir Timashev back when virtualization was still a relatively new technology. Back in those days Veeam was a very small company that had only 10 employees in 2008. As the virtualization market started heating up and adoption in the data center started growing, a few companies recognized this opportunity and developed products to support VMware’s ESX/ESXi hypervisor. One area in particular that virtualization had a big impact on was backup & recovery as virtualization really changed the way backups needed to be done to be more efficient. It also opened up many new opportunities for doing backup & recovery differently and better.

Today Veeam has more than 1200 employees and with 17 international offices worldwide, including regional headquarters for EMEA in Paris, France, the Americas in Columbus, Ohio, and Asia-Pacific in Sydney, Australia. They are recognized as a visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant and have won many industry awards.Veeam has always had a big presence at VMworld and they host one of the best vendor parties at VMworld. Veeam parties are legendary and always crowded but definitely worth attending. Veeam has a lot going on at VMworld this year including:

  • Stop by the Veeam booth #1731 at VMworld 2016 and see what great things they have going on! Meet with Veeam engineers that would love to discuss the challenges your company is facing, while providing a great solution. Be sure to also pick up your Veeam T-shirt and enter the raffle for a chance to win one of two Norwegian Cruise Experiences.
  • Attend the Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 Deep Dive breakout session [SDDC9461-SPO] on Tuesday, Aug. 30 at 2:30 PM and hear from legendary Veeam veterans, Doug Hazelman and Anton Gostev.
  • Attend the Data Protection as a service for your vCloud Director environment with Veeam [HBC9463-SPO] breakout session on Wednesday, Aug. 31 at 3:30 PM and hear from 2 more Veeam all-stars, Rick Vanover and Luca Dell’Oca.
  • Join Veeam on Tuesday night at LIGHT Nightclub for Veeam’s annual VMworld party and enjoy a night of music, dancing, and entertainment in one of the hottest spots of Las Vegas.

Find out more information about Veeam at VMworld at their landing page.

Aug 24 2016

Vendors you don’t want to miss at VMworld 2016: Infinio

One of the best parts of VMworld is checking out the Solutions Exchange which is your one stop shop for just about any product or solution for your virtual environment. Vendors bring their best and brightest people to these events so its a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the many great products available for vSphere. I’d thought I’d highlight a few of these vendors in a series of posts that you will not want to miss seeing at VMworld, first up: Infinio

Infinio launched in 2011 with a different approach to using content-based deduplication to solve real-world problems in virtual environments. Infinio’s unique architecture offers the efficiency of a global, content-based system, the flexibility of a content-addressable system with perfect distribution, and fills a gap in the market for an operationally non-disruptive, software-only solution to storage performance problems.

You can visit Infinio at VMworld in the Solutions Exchange at Booth #1167, in addition they will be doing a theater session on Monday entitled “1,000,000 IOPS, 0 headaches [STP9439]” at 11:20am in Theater B in the Solutions Exchange. Here are 3 reasons to stop by Infinio’s booth at VMworld:

  1. See a Live Demonstration of Infinio Accelerator – Want to see a live demonstration of the software in action? Stop in at any time or set up a time to meet with an Infinio staff member!
  2. Test Your Luck – Viva Las Vegas! You could be a big winner at VMworld. Infinio will be giving you a chance to win awesome prizes. Just stop by to play along!
  3. See a Video of How Infinio Works – In the booth they will be showing a short video of how Infinio Accelerator works. After you take your shot at luck, stay for a quick overview of how Infinio can save you time and money.

Not going to VMworld? You can still find out all about Infinio at their website.

Aug 22 2016

2016 Top 50 vBloggers get your commemorative coin courtesy of Turbonomic

Those bloggers who made the Top 50 this year get a free commemorative coin courtesy of VMTurbo Turbonomic. If you made the top 10 you get a gold coin, 11-25 a silver coin and 26-50 a copper coin. Sign up to get it by filling out this form so I have your shipping info. If you are attending VMworld US indicate that on the form as I will hand out coins there, if that is the case you do not need to supply your shipping info on the form. Since international addresses can be challenging please include any special instructions that I might need to know for shipping. Please allow 2-4 weeks for shipping. In addition to the physical coin, any blogger that made the Top 100 can get your virtual coin right now to proudly display on your blog.

turbo-coins2016-06-24 10.57.47-small

Aug 17 2016

VMTurbo is now Turbonomic

VMTurbo has re-branded itself by unveiling a new company name, Turbonomic, from what I’ve heard the name change was done to reflect their broader industry support for more than just VMware environments. The VM part of their old name is distinctly identifiable with VMware which apparently has caused some friction at VMware. According to this CRN article VMware pulled VMTurbo’s speaking session from the VMworld session line-up and refunded their money. This isn’t the first time VMware has policed it’s partners at events, a few years back there was an incident with Nutanix and Veeam at another event.

The name Turbonomic is a mashup of part of the original name and two key words that relate to their product: Economic and Autonomic. The word Economic relates to the economic principles that enable cloud and virtualized environments to self-organize and self-manage. And the word Autonomic relates to their Autonomic Platform that enables you to accelerate your next transformation and deliver the applications your users demand.

Despite the name change Turbonomic has the same mission and vision as before the name change which is managing any workload, on any infrastructure, anywhere, at anytime.

Aug 12 2016

All learn and no play makes Jack a dull boy at VMworld

VMworld is a great time to soak in everything you can possibly learn about virtualization from all the many sessions, booths and experts attending the show. It can literally be information overload and at the end of a long day you probably feel a bit mentally exhausted from it all. So what better way to unwind then hit the many parties that are thrown each night during the event. I thought I would highlight a few from the full list which you can view here. I always believe the parties are a great way to network after the event in a more relaxed setting and I am always thankful to the vendors that pay a lot of money to put these parties on without getting much in return from them.


  • 5:00-7:30pm – The official Welcome Reception – Don’t miss this one as it’s probably the best time to hit the Solutions Exchange, the vendors are all locked and loaded, fully staffed and ready to engage you. Of course having lots of free food and booze all around makes it even more attractive.
  • 7:00-10:00pm – The legendary VMunderground party – Last year was probably the biggest and best year for this party which always tends to be crowded, the Metreon was a great venue for it. This year the venue sizes are much smaller in Vegas so it’s back at the Nine Fine Irishman bar in the New York, New York casino where it was a few years back. The event is no longer free for attendees as the sponsor pool shrunk this year, admission is $25 which is cheaper than buying food and drinks on your own dime in a Vegas bar.


  • 6:00-10:00pm – Cohesity at TopGolf – I’ve never been much of a golfer, I used to play around a bit many years ago but I went to TopGolf for the first time this year and had a great time. If you’re not familiar with TopGolf it’s not what you think and you don’t have to be skilled to participate, think of it more like bowling with a golf club.
  • 8:00-11:00pm – ThunDRstruck Party – Zerto is joining with PernixData and Nutanix to throw a great DR-themed party featuring the all female AC/DC cover band, AC/DShe. This one sounds like a lot of fun, especially if you are a fan of 70s & 80s era rock.


  • 4:30-6:00pm – Hall Crawl – Come on back to the Solutions Exchange for round 2, during the Hall Crawl certain vendors will have beer and drinks at their booth.
  • 7:00-10:00pm – vExpert Party at the Mob Museum – Invite only party for vExperts, always a fun time as Pat Gelsinger is usually in attendance along with other VMware top brass and experts.
  • 8:00-12:00pm – Veeam’s annual VMworld party – Consistently one of the best parties at VMworld, Veeam is a company that constantly gives back to the community and they go all out on their VMworld party, this is one you don’t want to miss.


Aug 12 2016

Top 25 people I look forward to seeing at VMworld 2016

I recently did a post of the top sessions that I look forward to seeing at VMworld and I thought I would follow it up with the top people that I look forward to seeing there as a well. First off, this is no reflection on anyone not on the list, this is purely personal preference based on relationships that I have built up over the years. So if you are not on this list please don’t get offended, I look forwarding to meeting all old friends at VMworld and making new ones and I’m sure there are names I just plain forgot. VMworld serves as that one special time of the year were the virtual community gets physical which is one of the best parts of VMworld. So without further ado and really in no particular order:

  • David Marshall – Close friend from I met back in the early days of Hyper9, always a pleasure to catch-up with David at VMworld.
  • Eric Sloof – It’s Mr. Sloof, truly a great and interesting guy, an OG blogger and the face of VMworld TV.
  • Duncan Epping – Who wouldn’t want to run into the #1 blogger and a very down to earth person.
  • Cormac Hogan – The legendary Mr. Storage at VMware from across the pond.
  • Jason Boche – An old dear friend back from the early VMTN and blogging days.
  • Doug Hazelman – Another good friend from the early days of virtualization that has had an amazing career at Veeam.
  • Rick Vanover – It’s the Rickatron, another Veeam legend and someone who I have worked with on various Veeam projects.
  • John Troyer – The inventor of VMware social media, VMTN, vExperts, etc, a dear friend who I always look forward to catching up with.
  • Scott Lowe – Another OG blogger, we live 30 min from each other in CO but only see each other at distant events.
  • Chris Wahl – Up and coming all-star in the VMware community, Chris is an all around fun person to know and hang with.
  • Mike Foley – I’ve known Mike for a long time and fondly remember hanging and drinking beer together at past VMworlds.
  • Tony Dunn – One of the original VMware social guys, Tony was always behind the scenes but  is a big part of VMware’s social media success.
  • Chris Wolf – I’ve known Chris back to his Gartner days and always enjoy the conversations we have at VMworld.
  • Andy Banta – A new friend, we share a common passion for storage and VVols.
  • Howard Marks – Hard to not love Howard, he’s like the big storage teddy bear of the VMware and storage community.
  • Jane Rimmer – Long time community supporter and truly a wonderful and fun person.
  • Marc Farley – Industry storage vet that I fondly remember him making me do a Cab Cam video with him back when I first started with HP.
  • Simon Seagrave – Dear friend and one of the nicest person’s you would ever meet, fellow vChat podcast member.
  • David Davis – Ditto with David, have known him from back in his TrainSignal days.
  • Patrick Redknap – Patrick’s a party in a vBox and a lot of fun, I fondly remember drinking at the pool bar with him right before I had to go in and give a presentation to the vExperts at VMworld.
  • Rawlinson Rivera – Captain VSAN and a huge ball of vEnergy, had fun hanging with him at smaller VMUG events and VMworld.
  • Chad Sakac – Very approachable and nice guy, had a few late night bar convo’s with him and he was a teammate on the ESXi quiz show at VMworld.
  • Todd Scalzott – My cigar smoking buddy and longtime community member.
  • William Lam – Very humble and nice guy and a prolific blogger, always a pleasure to chat with him.
  • Pat Gelsinger – It’s Pat, who wouldn’t want to meet him, Pat and I have a long history of meeting at VMworld and I can honestly say he is one of the most humble and down to earth CEO’s I have ever met.

Look forward to seeing you all at VMworld and here’s a few pics with some of the above mentioned people! (Calvin you’re not on the list as I see you all the time)

20150901_201004-small20140826_191614-20140827-00254741CAM00244SONY DSC20150902_161636-smalldCc0DSCF0023

Aug 09 2016

Check out the Virtually Speaking Podcast

VMware has a storage focused weekly podcast called Virtually Speaking that is hosted by Pete Flecha and John Nicholson. Pete Flecha aka vPedroArrow on Twitter works in tech marketing at VMware focused on Storage & Availability, one of the areas he focuses on is VVols, he’ll be leading a panel at VMworld on that topic. John Nicholson aka Lost_Signal also works in tech marketing at VMware focused on Storage & Availability, you can find John blogging at Virtual Ramblings. Virtually Speaking is a part of the VMware storage focused Virtual Blocks blog where you can find all sorts of great content on VSAN & VVols along with other storage topics.

The reason I bring this up is I was recently a guest on the podcast talking about VMworld, VVols and Top vBlog. So if you are interested in those topics go give it a listen, even if you are not I encourage you to give the podcast a listen as every week they have some great content with special guests such as Chris Wahl, William Lam, Rick Vanover and Howard Marks. To see more great VMware & virtualization related podcasts check out the list on the sidebar of my vLaunchPad.

Aug 02 2016

New Top 100 vBlog virtual coin

I commissioned the creation of virtual coin logos for people in the Top 50 vBlogs this year to display on their websites. I had a few requests though for a Top 100 coin, so I hired a designer to create a Top 100 virtual coin as well. I wanted to keep it different then the metals used in the Top 10, Top 25 and Top 50 virtual coins so I went with a blue-ish shade of coin. So if you made the top 51-100 this year go grab it and do what you want with it, Top 50 bloggers if you haven’t downloaded your virtual coin yet go get it here.

You can download the hi-res images here and re-size them to whatever works for your blog:

Top 10 Gold Coin

Top 25 Silver Coin

Top 50 Copper Coin

Top 100 Blue Coin

All-coins top100_vsphereland-2016

Aug 01 2016

A VMworld party so epic you need to sign a waiver just to attend!

If you hadn’t heard by now the VMworld 2016 party is being held at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. This isn’t the first time it was held there, back in 2008 which was my first VMworld the party was also held at that location. I remember that one fondly as I had a great time there. We rode over on buses that were hired to get people to the event with good friend Jason Boche, in fact I talked him into starting his blog on the bus ride over there. As soon as we arrived there we got in line and had our picture taken with Danica Patrick, afterwards we went out to the track were they were giving rides on the outer track in luxury cars with a professional driver. I forgot how fast we ended up going but I think it was around 75-80 mph. On the inner track that had modern muscle cars giving faster rides, I think they were modified Mustangs if I remember correctly. They also had go-karts setup that you could actually drive around a small track.

They had games and food/drink all over the place, a DJ that opened up for a while followed by a 80’s cover band, Tainted Love. This was before the days that VMware hired big name bands for the party. One thing I remember clearly was they were giving away tons of those glow rings to attendees, combine that with alcohol and geeks and madness ensued. Glow rings were flying everywhere and the DJ was fairly annoyed at constantly getting barraged with them, there were also those that felt that they had to try and see how many rings they could put on themselves. All in all it was a great time and I’m willing to bet this year’s party will be just as good if not better.

This time around they have two big name bands (well kind of big), Fallout Boy and Capital City playing there. And in case you were wondering the one page waiver that you need to acknowledge has the usual legal stuff that you won’t sue anyone at the venue, that you hold them not responsible in case of injury or death and that you take full responsibility for anything that happens. One sentence of the waiver actually reads “Hereby acknowledges that the activities of the event(s) are very dangerous and involve the risk of serious injury and/or death and/or property damage”  I seriously doubt that they will let anyone drive cars on the track but being in a race car driven by a professional could probably be construed as dangerous.

I don’t remember signing a waiver last time around but I could of forgotten it. If you are eligible to attend (full conference attendees only) check your email or go back to the registration link and on Step 1 after acknowledging your contact info go to Step 2 and there is a new field there asking if you plan on attending the party. If you select Yes a new checkbox appears were you agree to accept the waiver, you can also see a copy of the waiver. Your VMworld badge will have a special code that indicates you accepted the waiver. If you are not eligible to attend (i.e. sponsor) in prior years you could go to the registration desk and purchase a party pass, I think it was around $250. Getting one to see Jon Bon Jovi was definitely not worth it but this party may just well be worth the high cost.

Until then here’s some pictures and links from the VMworld party in 2008, enjoy!

2016-08-01 20.44.59-smallDSCF0050-small

DSCF0033-smallDSCF0077-small DSCF0071-small DSCF0127-small DSCF0126-small DSCF0123-small DSCF0120-small DSCF0090-small DSCF0068-small

Jul 26 2016

Extend your backup infrastructure with Veeam Cloud Connect and ServerCentral

One of the biggest challenges of backing up your virtual infrastructure is long term data retention and storing data off-site for maximum protection. In the old days we used to send tapes offsite for storage, while that worked it was inefficient, costly with a lot of administrative overhead. Today your virtual environment is surrounded by the Internet of Things and as a result storing backups off-site has become much easier due to the rise of public cloud-based infrastructure. Further complementing this is the shift towards disk-based backup targets which provides greater flexibility, more recovery options and faster recovery, in addition disk-based replication provides a quick and easy mechanism to move backup data across data center or to public clouds.

Doing backup and replication to an off-premise public cloud has a lot of advantages including having your virtual environment and backup environment physically separated by distance, no ongoing capex or opex costs for a backup infrastructure and decreased administration. You also get the benefits of having disk-based backups and having them off-premise so you can easily recover if something happens at your primary site. This is especially beneficial to smaller companies that may not be able to afford the cost of implementing a backup infrastructure and may not have the expertise or time to manage it.

To make backing up data offsite even easier many modern backup applications such as Veeam Backup & Replication allow you to extend your backup repositories to cloud-based service providers. Veeam introduced a program called Veeam Cloud Connect that allows Service Providers to use Veeam Backup & Replication to offer cloud repository as a service and disaster recovery as a service to any Veeam customer. Veeam Cloud Connect empowers Service Providers to set up their cloud infrastructure so that tenants can send their VM data to the cloud and store it there in an easy and secure way.

Veeam Cloud Connect (VCC) has two deployment models, VCC Backup and VCC Replication which can be used based on a customers requirements. In the Backup deployment model a customer (tenant) deploys a Veeam client at their site which utilizes a cloud backup repository at the SP site to write backup data to. A Cloud repository is a storage locations in the SP cloud that store backups of tenants’ VMs. Cloud repositories can be used as primary storage locations and secondary storage locations to meet the 3-2-1 backup best practice. This model is depicted below:

cloud_connect_backup_infrastructureThe Replication deployment mode is setup a little different, since you are replicating you need to have dedicated computing, storage and network resources in the SP virtualization environment. To set up replication components, the SP configures hardware plans and subscribes tenants to one or several hardware plans. For tenants, hardware plans appear as cloud hosts. Tenants can create VM replicas on cloud hosts and fail over to VM replicas in the cloud in case of a disaster on the production site. This model is depicted below:

cloud_connect_replication_infrastructureOf course to make this all work you need a good SP that supports Veeam Cloud Connect. ServerCentral is a managed data center services provider that provides managed services as well as hosting, co-location, cloud, and network infrastructure products for any size customer. Founded in 1999 they have helped thousands of businesses simplify their IT operations through reliable data centers & onsite support. They have data centers located all over the world including IL, VA and CA in the United States as well as in the Netherlands and Japan. They provide a wide range of managed services including the following:

  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)
  • Data Center Migration
  • Backup & Replication
  • Networking
  • Cloud Storage
  • DDoS Mitigation
  • and much more!

ServerCentral is a Veeam Cloud Connect Service Provider with pricing starting as low as $50/TB a month. To learn more about ServerCentral’s VCC service check out their VCC web page and signing up is as easy as filling out this simple form to get you started on the road to cloud-based backup and recovery. Besides VCC ServerCentral also provides additional DRaaS options for virtual environments.

You can check out the following links to learn more about how Veeam Cloud Connect works and the VCC offerings that ServerCentral provides:

Jul 25 2016

VMware VVols Reloaded – learn about VVols from last years VMworld sessions

VMware initially made 3 sessions on VVols publicly available right after VMworld last year on YouTube, my session was fortunate enough to have been one of those. All the non-attendees missed out on all the other great VVols sessions at VMworld 2015 until now. Since VMware recently made all VMworld 2015 sessions publicly available so anyone can watch them you can check out the ones you might have missed along with all the other great session content from VMworld last year.

Ben Meadowcroft over at VMware has been doing a series of posts on the Virtual Blocks blog called VVols Reloaded to highlight those sessions. I’ve also listed all of the VVol sessions below as well for you to view. For more info on VVols also be sure to check out my huge VVol link page and if you are going to VMworld this year read this to get a summary of all the VVol sessions that will be at the show.

STO4649 – Virtual Volumes Technical Deep Dive (Ken Werneburg, VMware – Patrick Dirks, VMware)
STO5888 – Top 10 Thing You MUST Know Before Implementing Virtual Volumes (Eric Siebert, HP)
STO5074 – Explaining Advanced Virtual Volumes Configurations (Ken Werneburg, VMware – Andy Banta, SolidFire)
STO4452 – Virtual Volumes (VVOLS) a game changer for running Tier 1 Business Critical Databases (Sudhir Balasubramanian, VMware)
STO5822 – Putting Virtual Volumes to Work — Storage Best Practices for vSphere 6 and Beyond (Howard Marks, DeepStorage)
STO6263-SPO – Veritas Technologies: How to use vSphere 6 and Virtual Volumes (VVOLs) the right way (George Winter, Symnatec)
STO6285-SPO – Beyond the Hype: The Customer Experience with Storage QoS (Ben Bolles, NexGen Storage)
STO4805 – How Virtual Volumes Will Solve Storage Challenges in the Datacenter (David Glynn, Dell Storage)
STO5522 – Virtual Volumes Technical Panel (US Version) (Ken Werneburg, VMware)
STO5522 – Virtual Volumes Technical Panel (EMEA Version) (Ken Werneburg, VMware)
STO5571 – What’s New in Virtual Volumes (Michael Haag, VMware – Juan Novella, VMware)
STO5721 – Virtual Volumes on NetApp – Ready For Prime Time! (Peter Learmonth, NetApp – Ken Werneburg, VMware)
STO6284-SPO – New Ideas for Simply Better VM Automation, Business Continuity and Data Protection with and without Virtual Volumes (Paul Morrissey, HDS)
STO6559-QT – Cloud-like Operational Efficiency with Virtual Volumes (Juan Novella, VMware)
STO6671-SPO – VMware & IBM: Optimized to Manage Oceans of Data in a Digitally-Driven World (Eric Herzog, IBM – Paul Braren, IBM – Carlos Fuente, IBM)

Jul 24 2016

My Top Session picks for VMworld 2016

The VMworld Schedule Builder (US) is now available so time to go build your schedules and try and cram as many sessions as possible into all too short a time frame. Before I give you my picks, just a reminder that all the VMworld 2015 sessions are now publicly available for viewing. So now onto this year, I did a post a few weeks back that detailed the session breakdown this year. The numbers have changed a bit since then as some additional sessions were added but the large majority of the sessions are still VMware only sessions with very few (10%) independent speaker sessions. Despite who is presenting at VMworld there are still loads of great sessions and I thought I would detail my top picks this year by category. First up sessions that cover VVols, I did a post already that detailed all the VVol sessions at VMworld this year but here are my top picks:

Disclaimer: I’m more biased towards storage sessions and not really that interested in VDI or Networking

VVols sessions:

Transitioning to VVols: Partner Panel [8619] (Panel of experts on VVols myself included)

  • Pete Flecha, Sr Technical Marketing Architect, VMware
  • Several TBD technology partners

Virtual Volumes Technical Deep Dive [7645] (Learn from two very knowledgeable experts on VVols)

  • Patrick Dirks, Sr Manager, VMware, Inc.
  • Pete Flecha, Sr Technical Marketing Architect, VMware

Snapshots Suck: How VSAN and VVol fix all your operational nightmares [8159] (Snapshots change for the better in VVols, learn why)

  • Pete Flecha, Sr Technical Marketing Architect, VMware
  • John Nicholson, Technical Marketing Manager, VMware

Achieving Agility, Flexibility , Scalability and Performance with VMware Software Defined Storage (SDS) and Virtual Volumes for Business critical databases [7549] (Tier 1 apps on VVols, interesting to hear the performance angle)

  • Sudhir Balasubramanian, Senior Solution Architect – Data Platforms, VMware
  • Mohan Potheri, Sr Solution Architect, VMware

VVol and Storage Policy-Based Management ? Is It Everything They Said It Would Be? [STO9054] (Customer perspective on VVols)

  • Ben Bolles, VP, Products, Pivot3
  • Jeremiah Francis, Director, Information technology, Financial Advocates
Other Storage sessions:

A Day in the Life of a VSAN I/O [STO7875] (I love geeky I/O deep dive sessions)

  • Duncan Epping, Chief Technologist, VMware
  • John Nicholson, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, VMware

An Industry Roadmap: From storage to data management [STO7903] (Good to hear insights from a VMware Fellow)

  • Christos Karamanolis, VMware Fellow – CTO of Storage and Availability, VMware

Storage for Virtual Environments – What’s new and What’s next for vSphere Storage [STO7755] (Sounds interesting)

  • Sudhanshu (Suds) Jain, Product Management, vSphere Network and Storage Interconnect and Virtual Platform, VMWare
  • SHASHANK RAJVANSHI, Product Line Manager, VMWare

Storage at Memory Speed and the Amazing Future of Virtual Non-Volatile Memory [INF9950] (Also sounds interesting)

  • Aaron Blasius, Group Product Manager, VMware Inc.
  • Rajesh Venkatasubramanian, Principal Engineer, VMware
Container Sessions:

(because I really need to learn more about containers, you do to)

vSphere Integrated Containers – Learn how you can run Docker Containers, in Production, Today! [CNA8717]

  • Karthik Narayan, Sr. Product Manager, VMware Inc.

From Zero to VMware Photon Platform [CNA7741]

  • Paul Gifford, Staff Systems Enginerer, National Specialist, VMware
  • Adam Osterholt, Staff Systems Engineer, SDE, VMware, Inc.

Containers for the vSphere Admin [CNA7522]

  • Ryan Kelly, Staff Systems Engineer, VMware

Introduction to Containers as a Service [CNA7454]

  • Gary Coburn, Staff Engineer – National Specialist, VMware
  • Paul Gifford, Staff Systems Enginerer, National Specialist, VMware
Other Sessions:

Evolving the vSphere API for the Modern Era [INF8255] (It’s William and Alan, nuff said)

  • William Lam, Senior SDDC Integration Architect, VMware
  • Alan Renouf, Product Line Manager, VMware

Tech Preview: Enhanced VM Availability Leveraging vCenter and Partner Hardware Integration [INF8020] (tech previews are always cool and this one sounds interesting)

  • Brian Graf, Senior Product Manager – DRS/HA, VMware
  • Maarten Wiggers, Staff-1 Engineer, VMware

vSphere Encryption Deep Dive: Technology Preview [INF8856] (Native encryption is finally coming to vSphere!)

  • Mike Foley, Sr. Technical Marketing Architect, VMware
  • Salil Suri, Group Product Manager, VMware

Extreme Performance Series: Monster VM Database Performance [VIRT7598] (always interesting to here about large scale db performance on vSphere)

  • David Morse, Performance Engineer, VMware Inc.
  • Todd Muirhead, Performance Engineer, VMware

Hot Topics in VMware Research [CTO9406] (bunch of smart guys talking about research, a geeks dream session)

  • Chris Ramming, Senior Director, Research & Innovation, VMware
  • David Tennenhouse, Chief Research Officer, VMware
  • Michael Wei, Post Doc Researcher, VMware

Extreme Performance Series: vSphere Compute and Memory [INF8089] (deep dive on compute and memory resources)

  • Seong Beom Kim, Performance Engineer, vmware

vSphere High Availability Best Practices and Tech Preview [INF8045] (another tech preview, what’s coming soon)

  • Manoj Krishnan, vSphere HA Tech Lead, vmware
  • Matthew Meyer, Technical Marketing, VMware, Inc.

Debunking the Myths about Virtualizing High Performance Computing [CTO8120] (HPC on vSphere is challenging and interesting)

  • Josh Simons, Office of the CTO, VMware, Inc.
  • Na Zhang, Office of the CTO, VMware

vSphere Client Roadmap: Host Client, HTML5 Client, and Web Client [INF8172] (everyone’s favorite topic, sure it will turn into a gripe session)

  • Dennis Lu, Product Manager, VMware
  • Radostin Tsanev, Senior R&D Manager, VMware

Zero Downtime, 20K+ VMware vSphere 6 Upgrade [INF8374] (vSphere at large scale, interesting insights from the trenches)

  • Brad Calvert, Consulting Systems Engineer, HCA, Inc.
  • Lee Cooper, Consulting Platform Engineer, HCA
  • Jeff Guillote, Technical Account Manager, VMware, Inc.
  • Joshua Surre, AVP of Infrastructure and Operations, HCA, Inc.
Sponsors of vSphere-land sessions:

Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 Deep Dive [SDDC9461-SPO] (Anton & Doug, must-see tv)

  • Anton Gostev, VP, Product Management, Veeam Software
  • Doug Hazelman, VP Product Strategy, Veeam Software

1,000,000 IOPS, 0 headaches [STP9439] (learn about cool new VAIO technology)

  • Sheryl Koenigsberg, Senior Director of Marketing, Infinio

Evolve Your BC/DR Technology [STP9438] (cause BC/DR is always a challenge)

  • Zerto
Finally a shameless plug for my session:

Containers & VVols – a technical deep dive on new technologies that revolutionize storage for vSphere [STO9617-SPO]

  • Eric Siebert, Solutions Manager, HP
  • Charles Tierney, Manager, VMware Alliance, HPE

Jul 11 2016

Denver VMUG this week

There is a Denver VMUG meeting scheduled this week on Thursday July 14th from 11:30am – 4:30pm, if you are interested in going go register here. There are a couple changes happening with Denver VMUG’s that I want to point out.

The first is the location, free locations are always preferred to keep the cost of the events down. Many of the Denver events over the years have been held in Louisville at the CableLabs facility. While this location was a bit out of the way for people coming from areas like DTC, it was a free location and had good logistics to handle the meetings. The reason we kept using this location was because it was the work location of Kevin Divine, a long time VMUG leader in Denver. Kevin was looking for a change and recently moved away to a little town in Minnesota so this facility isn’t available to use anymore. Without too many other free facility options the meeting this week and I suspect many of them going forward is now at a rented space (DoubleTree Hotel in Thornton). If there are any VMUG members or companies in Denver that have a space available to accommodate up to 100 people and are willing to host a periodic meeting please let the Denver VMUG leaders now.

The next change is the Denver VMUG & Colorado Public Sector (SLED) VMUG groups have merged. There have always been two separate groups as far as I’ve known with separate leaders and meetings. I’ve attended and spoke at one of the SLED meetings years ago and it was pretty small group back then, bringing these together makes sense to get better sponsor ROI, more attendees and easier logistics. The combined VMUG leadership for Denver is now: Jason Glumac – State of Colorado, Scott Seifert – IBM and Michael Forner – RTD.

Finally you may notice from the agenda of this meeting that it is longer, has more than one sponsor and has a customer speaker which you don’t see happen to often at VMUG’s. This upcoming meeting has 2 sponsors (Veeam & Nimble), since they have to rent space this covers that as well as lunch for attendees. It also makes the meeting longer, prior meeting used to end around 2 or 3pm and this one goes to 4:30pm. The full meeting agenda is below, so if if you’re in the Denver area go register and hope to see you there.

Meeting Agenda

  • 11:30 a.m. Lunch
  • 12:00 p.m. Veeam Presentation
  • 1:00 p.m. VMware VTA Presentation
  • 1:30 p.m. Nimble Storage Presentation
  • 2:30 p.m. Customer Presentation
  • 3:00 p.m. VMware Presentation

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