August 2020 archive

Help a vBrother and his family out if you can…

Despite having grown into a very large community I’ve always felt the VMware community has always been a tight and close group of people with a lot of great friendships spanning the globe. I personally have always felt a special bond to those in that community, one that extends beyond the intense competitive nature of companies within that community. At one point in my life I somewhat reluctantly asked the community for help and there was an incredible response which I felt very humble and gratified by. People that I barely knew, sometimes only meeting once a year in passing or interacting with online stepped up to help out which I was eternally thankful for.

Another vBrother is in need right now who lost everything in the California wildfires which is a tragic situation, I can’t even imagine having to start over like that in that very tough situation. Alan Renouf, who is one of the scripting and automation gods in the community is in need of our help so if you can there is a GoFundMe page that you can donate to to help him and his family get back on their feet. I know times are tough right now so even if you can’t donate say a little prayer for his family to help get them on the path back to a normal life again.

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