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Going to HP Discover, checkout these must-see VMware/virtualization sessions

If you’re attending HP Discover in Las Vegas this year be sure and signup for the many great sessions that focus on VMware and virtualization in general. I’ll be speaking at two sessions, the first is a panel of HP experts on storage & virtualization that is moderated by Calvin Zito where you can ask us anything you want related to that topic. The other session is focused on choosing storage protocols for VMware environments. The information on these sessions is below:

TB2713 – Ask the Experts: Storage for VMware virtualization (Panel)  (Wednesday 6/6 – 2:45-3:30)

You got questions? We got answers! Have a burning question that you want answered related to storage for VMware environments, bring it to this session and get it answered. This roundtable session will be comprised of technical experts who will answer audience questions on any topic related to storage for VMware virtualization. They will also discuss some frequent and popular topics on storage for virtualized environments. The session will be led by a moderator and composed of HP experts on storage and virtualization.

TB2708 – File or block? Choosing the right storage for a VMware virtualized environment  (Tuesday 6/5 – 11:15–12:00)

Choosing a storage solution to use with virtualization is one of the most critical and challenging architecture choices you will make. With so many options, it can be overwhelming trying to satisfy the needs of your virtual environment. This session will review the pros and cons of each type of storage (Fibre Channel, iSCSI and NAS) and suggest where each would fit best. It will explain the differences between each storage type as well as highlight their strengths and weaknesses. We will explore the facts and myths around storage protocols and architectures for vSphere environments and provide attendees with all the information they need to make informed storage decisions.

There are some additional must-see sessions that you’ll want to check-out and be sure and attend David Scott’s keynote (BB2073) to hear his always insightful view on storage and as a bonus snag a pass to an exclusive storage party at Club XS at the Wynn. If you’re into a very technical deep dive on VMware storage integration and tuning be sure and check out Aboubacar Diare’s sesson (TB2757). Aboubacar is a Master Technologist  and is very involved with VMware storage integration. So head on over to the Session Catalog and sign up.

  • BB2073 – Strategy Session: Converged storage for the next era of computing
  • TB2757 – Fine tune your Supercharged HP Storage and vSphere SAN
  • TB2755 – Implementing a vSphere Metro Storage Cluster with HP LeftHand Storage
  • HOL2023 – HP Insight Control 7 with VMware vSphere 5 (Hands-on Lab)
  • HOL 2768 – HP 3PAR P10000 integration with VMware (Hands-on Lab)
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Don’t miss the Regional VMUGs – Denver’s is May 30th

The regional VMUG season has kicked off again and if there is one in your area you should make a point of attending it. The regional VMUGs or “User Conferences” are much larger than traditional local VMUGs and are all-day events that are more like mini-VMworld’s. There are 4 tracks throughout the day where you can choose from various vendor sessions which are encouraged to be educational in nature. I developed the session for HP which is entitled “Understanding and optimizing storage performance in vSphere”. There are also sessions provided by VMware on various technical topics, this year VMware has expanded their sessions from 4 to 8. I’ve attended the South Florida and Silicon Valley VMUG’s already and will be attending the upcoming Charlotte VMUG on 5/15. While at the SV VMUG I was able to arrange an interview with Stephen Herrod to chat about VMUG’s and various topics.

I live in Denver and our regional VMUG is coming up at the end of the month on 5/30 so if you live there be sure and register for it. I’ll be there, I’m sure Scott Lowe will be there as he lives in Denver as well and John Troyer from VMware will be giving the afternoon keynote.

You can view the full list of upcoming regional VMUG’s here. I’ll also be attending the Minnesota, Indianapolis, Chicago and Kansas City VMUGs later this year.

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