You can now signup for VMware’s BIG event on Feb. 2nd


Still no word about what it’s all about though but I’m sure you can figure it out from this other post I did on it. The banner for the event says Live and Online but the link only takes you to the Online registration page. No word on the Live part and who can attend it but the event does correspond with PEX and is timed (1:00pm PST) a few hours before the Welcome Reception (5:00pm PST) so maybe they will broadcast it from Moscone West. Also not sure what the 28 Days of February event is all about either, coincidentally VMware just did a blog post today on “28 Days Later, Physical to Cloud … Done” Technically though if they start on 2/2 and with February having only 28 days it will only be a 27 days event.

As far as being the biggest launch in VMware’s history, I’d argue that the vSphere 5 launch was bigger as it had much more new and enhanced features in it. You can sign-up for the online event by clicking the above image.

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