vSphere Release Date

vSphere officially goes on sale on Thursday May 21st according to the information that VMware has published, but will it actually be available on that date for customers to download? Nobody knows for sure (except VMware and they’re not saying) but if I had to bet I would say that it will also be available on May 21st. Why? Several reasons:

  • The first reason is why would you sell something if you can’t deliver it, it’s not like VMware to take pre-orders for a product. If they are taking orders for vSphere, customers are going to want the product and they should have it available.
  • The second reason is that vSphere is already GA as stated and shown at the April 21st launch event, that means it’s done, no more changes, it’s a final build. Since it’s GA already it’s ready to use, it’s not like VMware has to burn DVD’s and package the product, they simply need to post it to their website for customers to download.
  • The third reason is that Cisco announced the Nexus 1000V will be available in early June, they wouldn’t release it unless vSphere was GA, after all why sell something that nobody can use yet.
  • Finally VMware had all their SE’s down in San Francisco at the beginning of May, presumably to learn about vSphere. There is nothing preventing them from releasing it, they have had a month since the announcement to prep for the release so they can do things like updating their website, documentation, licensing portal and more. Time to pull the trigger and release the product.

So I guess we’ll find out on Thursday if it’s available or not. If it’s not released then I’ll be surprised and and would expect it shortly afterwards. Everyone is really looking forward to this release so bring it on VMware!


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    • Chris on May 18, 2009 at 3:54 am

    Let’s hope that the Cloud hosting their web servers has enough spare capacity for the deluge of downloads!

  1. Yes, all this would be true and logical. If only VMware releases were always logical! Have you noticed how sometimes things are available download before they are even announced or there’s a press release for them. Also from a legal stand-point to “order” something doesn’t necessarily mean “ready to download” or “deliverable”. Do you remember the delays that folks had getting vi3? There was significant gap between the order/download and then getting licenses. My guess the ordering date, is not the GA. But they will use the month to process the orders, and get the licenses ready for a June GA. So people can download & license on the day the product is downloadable…

  2. @Mike your guess is good as mine, we’ll have to wait patiently for Thursday to find out for sure. They’ve known about this release for a long time though and have had plenty of time to prepare for it so I’m not sure they need extra time to process orders and get licenses ready. If it turns out to not be released on 5/21 one other thought I had was 6/5 which would be the 3 year anniversary of the VI3 release. As Tom Petty would say “The waiting is the hardest part”…

  3. Yeah, well I guess the plan is leave use guessing. April 21st – Launch; May 21st – Order… can you see a pattern there. June 21st – Deliver? Trouble is June 21st is a Sunday….

  4. Since the launch party on April 21st I’ve always heard that the “end of May” will be the release — I’m really hoping that May 21st will be the official order/delivery date.

  5. I’ve had a message from some – who in an offical email from VMware – states the 21st May is the GA day. I wonder though if folks will actually be able to download, install and license the product on the 21st…?

    Anyway, whatever – we ALL got what we wished for. Not a June GA but a May. The gloves are off! hee-hee…

  6. Great news Mike, thanks for sharing that. I’m sure there are a lot of people looking forward to it. I hope the internet and their ftp servers are prepared for the massive spike in traffic when it’s available for download, let’s hope that’s also 5/21.

    • kral2 on May 19, 2009 at 4:11 pm


    Despite your guess seems correct (and I hope the same too), VMware DID pre-sales in history.
    Remind about Fusion? 😉

    Anyway, I think it will be a very short week-end to digest all theses informations.

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