Upcoming webinar on Virtualization Security and Compliance

I received an invite today to an upcoming webinar on Virtualization Security and Compliance that is being given by Reflex Systems. What peaked my interest in it was the speakers and topics, one of the speakers is Rob Randall from VMware who is their security guru and also happens to reside in my hometown of Denver. The other speaker is Mike Wronski, VP of Product Management for Reflex Systems. One of the topics is VMsafe which was been announced quite a while ago but very little actual information on it has been released. Here’s what will be discussed in the webinar:

  • Leverage VMware’s VMsafe technology in vSphere 4 to achieve greater security in your virtual environment.
  • Use segmentation through Trust Zones and classification to safeguard your virtual data center and manage virtual assets more efficiently.
  • Add a level of security policy enforcement in your virtual environment by using vTrust dynamic policy enforcement technology.
  • Go “beyond the virtual firewall” to apply best practices for specifying policies in a virtual infrastructure.

I’m guessing that Relfex will be showing off and talking about an upcoming product release that leverages the VMsafe API’s that are part of the upcoming vSphere release. Since very little information about VMsafe has been released I’ll be interested to see how the product utilizes VMsafe to better integrate into ESX. The webinar is Wednesday, May. 27th at 2:00pm EST, you can register for it here.

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