VMworld back in Las Vegas in 2016

I happened to join the VMTN community podcast today to catch up on VMworld stuff and one thing that was mentioned is that VMworld will be in Vegas next year (2016). The reason for this is that despite VMware having a long term contract to be at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, the Moscone Center is undergoing renovation next year so it will be moving temporarily back to Las Vegas.

I for one (and I suspect many others) welcome this, I previously wrote about how I was getting tired of San Francisco (below) and would like to see it elsewhere:

[important]I’m getting pretty tired of San Francisco and I’m sure others are as well. It’s a nice enough city but all the street people that are in your face and the walking all over the place gets old fast. The hotels in SF also get booked up very fast and are very expensive ($300-$600) and you usually end up far away from Moscone. I preferred it back in Vegas that is much better equipped to handle large numbers of people at conferences, I usually never had to even leave the hotel in Vegas. It may be convenient for VMware to have it in SF as it is nearby their HQ in Palo Alto, but maybe its time to quit being selfish and think of your attendees instead.[/important]

Well for one year at least we get a reprieve from SF and get to go back to Vegas where I attended my first VMworld in 2008, the last VMworld in Vegas was in 2011. See you in Vegas baby!


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  1. This might be enough to make me come out of VMworld retirement.

    • Neal on September 8, 2015 at 4:16 pm
    • Reply

    Last time in Vegas (6 months ago) you could not exit a hotel without being accosted with sexual material and prostitutes. Some attendees do have standards and try to uphold a professional demeanor. Smoke abounds making it almost impossible for those with allergies to avoid. Granted the food was MUCH BETTER and hotels were more abundant at reasonable prices.

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