Top vBloggers and vExperts going to VMworld I have something for you

For any 2017 Top vBloggers going to VMworld US I have cool Top vBlog magnetic clothing buttons (no pins!) for you. I was able to make them as Top 10/25/50 this year as there was no die fee, I have enough for 2 for each blogger. Come find me at VMworld to pick yours up, ping me on Twitter and I’ll tell you where I’m at and try to meet you. I’ll also leave a supply of them at the Turbonomic booth which might be easier then trying to find me. And of course thanks to Turbonomic for making it possible. For those not attending VMworld US I’ll see if Turbonomic can bring some to VMworld EMEA to hand out and if you are not going to either event ping me and I’ll mail them to you. Virtual Top vBlog 2017 graphics for your blog are in the works.

For 9x vExpert’s (2009-2017) only I made a special magnetic clothing button for you (limited supply), so again find me at VMworld and get yours to display on your lanyard. Not a 9x vExpert don’t worry, I have it on very good authority that a certain vendor at the show (hint: they are listed in this post) has some cool vExpert buttons for you and some other swag. Stay tuned for details on that.

While there seem to be less vendors doing vExpert giveaways this year at VMworld there are a few other vendors I saw that are doing it, thank you to them!

See you at VMworld!

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