Introducing the Top vBlog 2016 virtual coin

Once again this year I commissioned a graphic designer to create a counterpart to the physical coin that the Top 50 vBlogs will receive courtesy of VMTurbo. The graphic can be used by any blogger that made the Top 50 and wants to display that accomplishment on their website. Last year I wasn’t that happy with the design, I leverage Fiverr which is a huge community of freelance designers and the one I picked last year wasn’t very creative. I was trying to replicate the look of the physical coin in a design that has a metallic look to it and the designer last year didn’t seem to be able to pull that off. This year I spent more time hunting down a better designer and the one I picked got the design spot on the first try.

So below are the finished virtual coins:

All-coinsYou can download the hi-res images here and re-size them to whatever works for your blog:

Top 10 Gold Coin

Top 25 Silver Coin

Top 50 Copper Coin

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