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New Twitter lists for the top bloggers and VMware/Virtualization people

Twitter is a great tool for communicating with other virtualization professionals, but trying to find interesting people to follow especially if you are new to Twitter can be time-consuming and difficult. For that reason I put together some Twitter group lists to make following people that are related to VMware virtualization easier. The first list is just from my Top 20 blogger list on my vLaunchpad that was decided by a poll I did months ago, consequently that one was really easy to put together.

The second list is the top 100 people to follow that are related to VMware & virtualization, this one wasn’t easy at all to put together. The list started at about 300+ people that was part based on my followers and followings of other popular virtualization bloggers. Once I discovered that TweepML had a limit of 100 people I had to really trim that list down a lot, that wasn’t an easy task, especially the last 20 or so. There were some people I really wanted to keep on there but was forced to remove, the 100 person limit made for some difficult decisions. I did research a bit though to try and make sure the ones I included on the list did tweet often and that at least some of their tweets were VMware & virtualization related. I also did try and keep the list limited to actual people and not general types of twitter accounts that are used by companies and websites.

It is entirely possible I missed some people though that should be on the list, if you feel that’s the case be sure and drop me an email and I’ll try to re-work the list. Again, it wasn’t easy to limit it to 100 as there are many people that twit about VMware & virtualization but I did the best I could. So here are the lists, enjoy!

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