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Last call for blog-o-hol before top blog voting begins


I’ve added about 50 new blogs to my vLaunchpad but I’m sure there are some that I’ve missed. Every year I get emails from bloggers after the voting starts wanting to be added but once it starts its too late as it messes up the ballot. So if you’re not listed on the vLaunchpad, here’s your last chance to get listed. Please use this form and give me your name, blog name, blog URL, twitter URL & RSS URL. I have received a few entries after I updated it that I need to add, they are Horizon Flux, Virtually Benelovent, Filip Verloy, Virtualization Express and Mike Tabor. So hurry on up so the voting can begin, the nominations for voting categories will be opening up very soon.


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And the winners of the top VMware/virtualization blog are…

Well I’m not saying, watch the presentation to find out, I’ll be doing another post later on with the full results as well as some detail on the process I used to sort through the votes and score them to determine the winners. Congratulations to all the winners, there were many newcomers to the top 25 blog roll. I’ll be sending you graphics that you can display on your website to reflect your achievements. The winners of the TrainSignal vSphere DVD training course will be announced in my next post. Click here to see the results presentation in a new window

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