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NetGear ReadyNAS review: A look at the ReadyNAS 2100

Having shared storage is a must for most IT environments, whether they are large or small. Shared storage enables collaboration, document sharing and is a key requirement for many advanced features in virtualization. An attractive alternative to complex and expensive storage area networks (SANs) for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are network-attached storage (NAS) units.

NAS units are dedicated standalone units that attach to your network and contain both disk controllers and hard disks all in one unit that can be accessed by any device on the network. They can range from small one-drive units to multi-drive units that support multiple RAID levels to protect against disk failures. Most units support a wide variety of protocols that can be used to connect to the NAS unit, such as Windows CIFS/SMB, iSCSI, NFS, Apple’s AFP, FTP and more.

NetGear ReadyNAS storage devices

The NetGear ReadyNAS family of devices range from their small two-drive ReadyNAS Pro desktop units up to the larger 12-drive ReadyNAS 4200 rack mount units. Most of the ReadyNAS models have the same feature and protocol support; the main differences between them are the hardware specifications outlined below:

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