Want to bring a VVols technical education session to your local VMUG meeting?

One of the challenges around VVols adoption is that most customers just don’t understand what exactly it is and how it will benefit them over what they use today. I’ve tried to overcome that challenge by presenting VVol technical sessions wherever I can including VMUG UserCon’s, VMworld, HPE Discover, webinars, etc. and the content has always been very well received. I had the idea to take that a step further and offer myself to present at local VMUG events as well to try and educate even more people on VVols. I think I also convinced Pete Flecha, VMware’s VVol technical guru to join in as well.

So VMUG leaders across the US my offer to you is this, if you want to have a great VVols technical session at your next local VMUG meeting get a hold of me and let me know. Depending on schedules I’ll try and commit to it right away and also see if Pete can make it as well. HPE will be paying for my travel to your event but I will keep the session very vendor neutral and about VVols in general much as I did at my VMworld VVol session that was a sponsor session. I can be an add-on if you already have a sponsor for your local VMUG or if you need me to pop for lunch I can do that as well.

My only ask from you is to try and give me at least 3-4 weeks notice prior to your local VMUG event (preferably a little more). The session can be from 45 – 90 min based on how much time you have available. You can contact me via Twitter or email and I look forward to coming to your event to present an enlightening technical session on VVols.

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