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My VMworld 2009 link pages are now online and I am adding new links to them every day, currently most of the links are in the Travel Info and Things to do in SF categories but the other categories will be populated as the conference approaches and during it. Each day of the conference I will be posting all of the links relevant to that day, so if you can’t physically attend VMworld this year you will still be able to virtually attend it through all the links posted here. You can get to the VMworld 2009 links several ways: directly using this URL: vmw09.vsphere-land.com, by clicking the button in the right sidebar or by selecting vLinks from the navigation menu. By the time the show is over I should have hundreds of links posted here so keep checking back.

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    • Ryan on August 13, 2009 at 7:06 am

    I’ve seen many posts asking “Why should I attend VMworld?” or “How do I convince my boss?” Well I came across this sample letter that Eric put together just for you. It’s great to see someone like Eric take the initiative and make it happen.


    Great job Eric…

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