Vendors you don’t want to miss at VMworld: SolarWinds

One of the best parts of VMworld is checking out the Solutions Exchange which is your one stop shop for just about any product or solution for your virtual environment. Vendors bring their best and brightest people to these events so its a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the many great products available for vSphere. I’d thought I’d highlight a few of these vendors in a series of posts that you will not want to miss seeing at VMworld, next up: SolarWinds.

1082819.gifSolarWinds Virtualization Manager was originally born as Hyper9 back in 2007 that worked to develop a new breed of virtualization management tool that helps administrators discover, organize and make use of information in their virtual environment. I remember meeting with the original founders of Hyper9 over dinner back before the product launched and was impressed with their fresh approach to virtualization management that used unique analytics, dashboards and search algorithms. Hyper9 was acquired by SolarWinds in 2011 who was equally impressed with their product and renamed it Virtualization Manager to help fill a gap in their management tools product line around virtualization.

Over the years they have continued to develop and mature the product and more importantly integrate it into their suite of products to provide an end to end management framework that includes servers, storage, networking, applications and virtualization. The end result is SolarWinds Virtualization Manager delivers integrated VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V capacity planning, performance monitoring, VM sprawl control, VDI performance monitoring, configuration management, alert remediation, and chargeback automation—all in one affordable product that’s easy to download, deploy, and use.

To find out more be sure and stop by booth #2429 at VMworld and also sign-up for the SolarWind’s Experts and Espresso event which is being held at Jillian’s on Monday & Tuesday morning from 7:30am-9:00am before the VMworld general sessions. There you will hear from SolarWinds experts and Head Geek’s including my good friend and fellow vExpert Kong Yang on a variety of topics including DevOps, containers and database virtualization. What better way to start your mornings at VMworld with a fresh brewed espresso or coffee, sweet swag, and knowledge from a few IT superstars. So what are you waiting for, go sign up now! Also don’t miss their breakout session as well: VAPP4696 – Will it Blend and Scale? Monster Database Virtualization Techniques

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