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Just wanted to give everyone an update as I’m a little behind, the vSphere 6 launch coincided with the voting this year and I’m trying to keep up on my vSphere 6 link page as well.

top vblog 2015-1-smaller

I’m still updating the vLaunchpad, so if you don’t see your blog up there yet it should be soon. Don’t worry as the voting won’t start until it is updated. The update process is a pain in the butt and very time consuming, it’s basically a table that I have to cut and paste code for each blog from every cell I move either up and down to alphabetize and organize them all. When adding new blogs I have to put each blog’s info (name, URL, rss, twitter) into an html string to paste into new cell (see below figure).


To do this I have to build out a big text file with all the html code for each cell (see below figure) and then have to paste it all in the table in the right order alphabetically. All this is very time-consuming which is why I queue updates and then update the vLaunchpad periodically. A new blog that is alphabetically near the top of the alphabet (i.e. AAA Virtual Blog) makes it more difficult as I have to cut and paste one by one all those cells below it down one. One of these days I’ll see if I can find an easier way to do it, I’ve been looking around at WordPress plug-ins and haven’t found one that would work well, I might have to switch to a database model instead of a table. I’ll be working this weekend to get it all up to date.


As a result of this the voting start has been moved out a week to 2/27, the landing page has been updated with new dates.

A reminder if you haven’t nominated your blog for one of the special categories (if it fits in one) be sure and do so for a chance to get special recognition. I’ll do another post once the vLaunchpad is updated (probably Sunday) so you can do a final check to make sure your blog is listed before voting begins. I did have some issues with my suggest a link form a few weeks ago from my hosting provider not sending emails, so be sure and check next week to make sure I didn’t miss your blog.

I look forward to getting this started and publishing the results for 2015 as well as getting this over with as the whole process from start to finish is massively time-consuming. If you want to buy me a beer to supportĀ all my hard work feel free to use my beer fund donation link located at the bottom of the blog sidebar. Thanks and good luck to all the bloggers this year!

As of 5:00pm MST on Sunday 2/22 the vLaunchpad is all up to date from all the submissions, I added over 50 additional blogs. Go over there and look and if you are not listed use this form asap and voting starts soon.


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