Apr 09 2015

Is it VVOLs or VVols?

You have to love VMware’s acronyms and trying to figure out the proper case for them. vSAN or VSAN, vMotion or VMotion, VVols or VVOLs, the only consistency VMware has with case in their acronyms in being consistently inconsistent and every acronym is subject to change (and frequently does).

So when I asked one of the VMware storage product marketing managers for VVols about the proper case for the VVOL acronym back in December when we where developing a technical paper on VVols they had decided on VVOLs so that’s what we used in all of our documentation.

Fast-forward to two  weeks ago when one of our VVols developers asked about this again as he heard it was lower-case now so I checked with Rawlinson and he confirmed that they had changed back to using lower-case VVols for the acronym. I talked to the same VVol marketing manager last week and mentioned it to him and he hadn’t heard that but after checking he confirmed that they internally agreed to use VVol instead of VVOL.


So short answer is use VVol/VVols and not VVOL/VVOLs. Also note that this is an un-official acronym as VMware prefers to spell it out in all of their official documentation. But we all know how the IT world loves acronyms so you’ll probably here it mostly referred to as VVols.


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