Get your Top vBlog 2017 virtual logos

Hot off the presses are new logos for your blog/website to show off how you did in Top vBlog 2017. I was going for a new look this year and hence had to find a new designer which was no easy task. I use Fiverr which is a huge community of freelance designers for hire for a relatively decent price but finding the right designer that can do good work and meet your expectations can be a challenge. I went through 3 designers that were pretty awful before I found one that was very creative and nailed my design on the first try. I paid a good penny to get the logos done, those $5 designers are best avoided but I’m very satisfied on how they turned out.

I took the logos that they delivered to me and ran them through GIMP to crop and re-size them without losing transparency. I’ve attached below the larger cropped logos and the smaller cropped/re-sized logos that fit better in a blog sidebar. So if you made the top 100 this year, download your appropriate logo and let everyone who visits your blog know about your accomplishment.

Top 10 Gold Logos:

Top 25 Silver Logos:

Top 50 Copper Logos:

Top 100 Green Logos:

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