Jan 25 2010

A new home for me

Due to cuts and other circumstances I will no longer be blogging at SearchVMware.com’s Virtualization Pro blog. While exploring other blogging opportunities I decided to come right back where I started, this website, vSphere-land.com. So besides my gigantic link collection you’ll be seeing lots of new content here including tips, news, reviews, opinions, top 10 lists and much more. For starters I’ll be doing a series documenting a new project from start to finish that I’m the lead on which is a Lotus Domino virtualization project.  So stay tuned for lots of great content coming from this site.

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  1. Jason Boche

    This is a significant loss for SearchVMware.

  2. Cody Bunch

    Well… I look forward to the new series & content.

  3. Duncan

    it is indeed!

  4. Rawlinson

    I look forward to this as well, as this is an incredible blog.

  5. Matt

    This is SearchVMware’s loss and our gain. I think the content will be better here anyway.

  6. Hany Michael

    I never liked the techtarget’s websites layout, it makes the readability of the articles unbearable for me. With that said, I very much look forward to your great articles over here Eric!

  7. Scott Lowe

    Eric, I’m sorry to hear that you won’t be contributing any longer (of course, I won’t be contributing any longer either, but that’s a different story). Of course, that opens the door for more great content here–something I’m definitely looking forward to reading!

  1. 456


    Otkuda material ?

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