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An Introduction to Virtualization (Intel)
Virtualization Overview (VMware)
Introduction to VMware Infrastructure (VMware)
VMware Infrastructure Architecture Overview (VMware)
VMware Infrastructure 3 Customer FAQ (VMware)
VMware Virtualization Toolkit (VMware)
All-in-One Server Virtualization Beginners Guide (SearchServerVirtualization)


Breaking Down Barriers to VMware Technology Adoption (VMworld 2007)
Critical Success Factors of Virtual Infrastructure Adoption (VMworld 2007)
Innovative Uses and Benefits of using VMware Virtualization (VMworld 2007)
Dispelling Virtualization Myths (VMworld 2007)
TCO Calculator
Virtual Machine Cost Calculator spreadsheet
VMware customer success stories
Reducing Server Total Cost of Ownership with VMware Virtualization Software
VMware: Tool for Server Consolidation
Accelerate your ESX Deployment
Twenty-to-One Consolidation on Intel Architecture
Five considerations for a successful VMware deployment
Getting the Green Light for Your Virtual Infrastructure (VMword 2007)
Building a Real-Time Infrastructure with VMware Infrastructure 3 (VMworld 2007)
Making Business Sense of Virtualization (VMworld 2007)
Myths, Misconceptions, Half-Truths and Lies about Virtualization
VI3 Financial Justification
Virtualizing Server Workloads
Virtualization Barrier #1: Manual Processes (View Yonder)
Virtualization Barrier #2: It’s just for Test and Dev (View Yonder)
Virtualization Barrier #3: VMware is Too Expensive (View Yonder)
Virtualization Barrier #4: The Network Engineer (View Yonder)
Virtualization Barrier #5: The Storage Manager (View Yonder)
Virtualization Barrier #6: The Application Developer (View Yonder)


7 tips for succeeding with virtualization
Building the Virtualized Enterprise with VMware Infrastructure
Scaling your Virtual Infrastructure – Getting Started (VMworld 2007)
Proven Virtualization Scalability with VMware Infrastructure 3 (VMworld 2007)
The Anatomy of a Great Server Virtualization Solution (VMworld 2007)
ESX Workload Analysis: Lessons Learned (VMworld 2006)
Getting the Right Fit: VMware ESX Workload Analysis (VMworld 2005)
Which servers and applications are good virtualization candidates?
Developing your Virtualization Strategy and Deployment Plan
Server Consolidation with VMware ESX Server
Virtualization: Architectural Considerations and other Evaluation Criteria
Virtualization hardware sizing (quick and dirty approach)
Using VMware Capacity Planner for ESX or VI3
Server selection and VMware: Physical boxes or virtual machines
Capacity Planner 2.6 User Guide
Proven Practice: Five successful people practices to succeed with virtualization
Proven Practice: Migration Methodology


Tips and tricks for implementing infrastructure services on ESX server
Virtual Infrastructure Implementation Best Practices From A to Z (VMworld 2006)
The Roadmap to Virtual Infrastructure: Practical Implementation Strategies
File / Print / DNS Servers: Getting Started with Virtual Infrastructure
VMware VI3 on BladeCenter and System x Integrated with System i
Top Tips for Deploying VI, part 1
Top Tips for Deploying VI, part 2
Best Practices for Implementing VMware ESX Server

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