On the way to Tech Field Day

Well after turning down several previous TFD invitations because of scheduling conflicts I”m finally on my way to one. Tech Field Day is a recurring event that is the brainchild of Stephen Foskett from Gestalt IT and is an intensive deep dive with vendors on their products and technology. Tech Field Day #5 which runs from 2/10 – 2/11 is being held in San Jose and features a great cast of sponsors and delegates. Of the vendors that will be there I’m pretty familiar with HP, Symantec, Drobo & Xangati and don’t know too much about NetEx and InfoBlox. Supposedly a new company is launching at the event as well which I’ll be interested in finding more about.

These types of events are enjoyable because they are much more techie then the usual marketing pitches you get at typical seminars. They are also fun because you get to be around other bloggers and industry people who you typically only interact with online. I look forward to meeting old friends and making new ones as well, I also get to see my pal Curtis Preston again after our last night on the town when he was in Denver.

There is full coverage on Gestalt IT’s Tech Field Day #5 link page and I’ll be posting here my thoughts and experiences as well.

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