Announcing the Official VMworld 2010 Tweetup!

For the past few VMworld’s we’ve tried to have a social event for the many VMware community members to get together and hang out. I’ve worked with VMware’s Social Media team (John Troyer/Tony Dunn) each year to help organize the event. At VMworld 2008 in Las Vegas we had it at the V Bar inside the Venetian hotel, Twitter wasn’t as popular back then so it was themed as more of a VMTN community gathering. Last year we had it at the B Bar & Restaurant just above the Moscone (notice the theme of one letter establishments) and it was billed as a tweetup that time. This year we are again going to have it at the B Bar & Restaurant again, its proximity to the Moscone is nice and it’s an indoor/outdoor place. Last year VMware’s social media team generously picked up the tab for us which everyone appreciated. Here’s John Troyer giving a welcoming speech:


Lacking the budget to do it again this year I volunteered to find some sponsors to help with that. So we’re pleased to announce the VMworld tweet-up will be Monday, August 30th from 9:00pm – 11:00pm at the B Bar & Restaurant above the Moscone in the Yerba Buena gardens. We have the entire place booked just for us and Xangati & Train Signal have stepped up to sponsor it and are picking up the tab. It’s not going to be a fancy party, no give-aways, no food, just a big group of us who usually communicate with each other electronically most of the year getting together to meet face to face to socialize and have a good time. We timed the tweet-up to take place after the official Welcome Reception ends in the Solutions Exchange.

After the tweetup endsĀ thereĀ is a group of us talking about going to a cigar bar a few blocks a way to enjoy some stogies (in case you hadn’t heard, you can’t smoke anywhere in SF) at the Occidental Cigar Club from 11:15pm – 2:00am (who sleeps at VMworld?), you can RSVP for that event here.

So all you Tweeters come join us and VMware’s social media team (John Troyer & Tony Dunn) and talk to those you follow and those that follow you in more than 140 characters!

Please RSVP at Twtvite

When: Monday, August 30th 9:00pm – 11:00pm

Where: B Bar & Restaurant, Yerba Buena Gardens above the Moscone

Why: Because 140 characters just ain’t enough

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