A don’t miss live whiteboard virtualization show: Veeam R&D Inside Out with Gostev

Veeam is one of those companies that really tries hard to innovate and listens and responds to their customers needs and feedback. I’ve written in detail on what makes them special in this post about VeeamOn. If you know Veeam and use their products you’ve probably heard about the legendary Gostev who leads their product management team and takes the time to work with individual customers to make sure they are happy and also listens to their suggestions for improving Veeam’s products. So if he’s giving a live whiteboard session you’re going to want to be there, well turns out he is and the details are below so make sure and sign up for it:



Attend a LIVE whiteboard virtualization show on Jan. 22 and hear Anton Gostev discuss the past, present and future of Veeam technology. Anton will reveal exactly how the entire product lifecycle works behind the scenes, including Veeam’s R&D, product management, quality control and support processes. Whether you are an end user or a Veeam ProPartner, this information will definitely help you interact more efficiently with the “non-sales” side of Veeam!

This session is built around live Q&A, so don’t miss your chance to ask questions* and get answers on the air at this live show.


January 22  NA @ 10 a.m. ET   EMEA @ 4 p.m. CET


So you can learn the answers to the following:

  • How does Veeam innovate?
  • Why is “roadmap” a banned word at Veeam?
  • How does Veeam receive and work with your feedback?
  • Why is it important to “keep pushing” in Veeam forums?
  • What is the dark magic in the feature selection process?


Register here: http://go.veeam.com/veeam-whiteboard.html

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