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Hardware Links

IBM Insights in Sizing Hardware for Virtualization
Hardware recommendations to build a cheap ESX server
Community supported hardware/software for Vmware Infrastructure
HP ProLiant server sizer for VMware ESX Server
Improving Economics of Blades with VMware
ESX Load Generator scripts
Memtest86+ Download
Hardware for Virtualization: How to get more from servers, HBA’s and more
New Technology Directions in the Virtual Hardware Platform (VMworld 2007)
Memory Parity Errors – Causes and Suggestions
Building a $500 VMware ESXi Host
USB Device Support within VMware ESX
Blades and Virtualization Aren’t Mutually Exclusive: Part One, HP Power Sizing
Blades and Virtualization Aren’t Mutually Exclusive: Part Two, IBM Power Sizing
Blades and Virtualization Aren’t Mutually Exclusive: Part Three, IBM Traditional Expansion Options
Blades and Virtualization Aren’t Mutually Exclusive: Part Four, HP Traditional Expansion Options
Understanding Hardware-Assisted Virtualization
Bricks or Blades?
Blades vs. rack servers: Basic purchasing principles still apply (Pt.1)
Selecting CPU, processors and memory for virtualized environments (Pt. 2)

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High Availability (HA) Links

Automating High Availability (HA) Services with Vmware HA
Effective DRS and HA in Production (VMworld 2006)
Configuring VMware High Availability for your virtual servers’ needs
VMware HA and DRS Capacity Planning
HA Failover Capacity
Virtual Machine Failure Monitoring
Best Practices and Advanced Features for VMware High Availability
HA Technical Best Practices
VMware HA Guidelines and Best Practices (VMworld 2007)
So how exactly does HA’s admittance algorithm work?
VMware HA Configuration Notes
VM HA – service console networking, isolation behavior
High Availability “Deepdive”
HA Advanced Options
das.allowNetwork where and when
HA network compliance check in VirtualCenter Update 3
HA Network Compliance Check
After installation or upgrade to VirtualCenter 2.5.0 Update 2 an Incompatible HA Networks error is generated
VMware High Availability – Concepts, Implementation and Best Practices
VMware HA Implementation Notes
Advanced Configuration options for VMware High Availability
VMware HA – Overview and Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Adding an ESX Server Host to a VMware High Availability Cluster

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Getting Started Links


An Introduction to Virtualization (Intel)
Virtualization Overview (VMware)
Introduction to VMware Infrastructure (VMware)
VMware Infrastructure Architecture Overview (VMware)
VMware Infrastructure 3 Customer FAQ (VMware)
VMware Virtualization Toolkit (VMware)
All-in-One Server Virtualization Beginners Guide (SearchServerVirtualization)


Breaking Down Barriers to VMware Technology Adoption (VMworld 2007)
Critical Success Factors of Virtual Infrastructure Adoption (VMworld 2007)
Innovative Uses and Benefits of using VMware Virtualization (VMworld 2007)
Dispelling Virtualization Myths (VMworld 2007)
TCO Calculator
Virtual Machine Cost Calculator spreadsheet
VMware customer success stories
Reducing Server Total Cost of Ownership with VMware Virtualization Software
VMware: Tool for Server Consolidation
Accelerate your ESX Deployment
Twenty-to-One Consolidation on Intel Architecture
Five considerations for a successful VMware deployment
Getting the Green Light for Your Virtual Infrastructure (VMword 2007)
Building a Real-Time Infrastructure with VMware Infrastructure 3 (VMworld 2007)
Making Business Sense of Virtualization (VMworld 2007)
Myths, Misconceptions, Half-Truths and Lies about Virtualization
VI3 Financial Justification
Virtualizing Server Workloads
Virtualization Barrier #1: Manual Processes (View Yonder)
Virtualization Barrier #2: It’s just for Test and Dev (View Yonder)
Virtualization Barrier #3: VMware is Too Expensive (View Yonder)
Virtualization Barrier #4: The Network Engineer (View Yonder)
Virtualization Barrier #5: The Storage Manager (View Yonder)
Virtualization Barrier #6: The Application Developer (View Yonder)


7 tips for succeeding with virtualization
Building the Virtualized Enterprise with VMware Infrastructure
Scaling your Virtual Infrastructure – Getting Started (VMworld 2007)
Proven Virtualization Scalability with VMware Infrastructure 3 (VMworld 2007)
The Anatomy of a Great Server Virtualization Solution (VMworld 2007)
ESX Workload Analysis: Lessons Learned (VMworld 2006)
Getting the Right Fit: VMware ESX Workload Analysis (VMworld 2005)
Which servers and applications are good virtualization candidates?
Developing your Virtualization Strategy and Deployment Plan
Server Consolidation with VMware ESX Server
Virtualization: Architectural Considerations and other Evaluation Criteria
Virtualization hardware sizing (quick and dirty approach)
Using VMware Capacity Planner for ESX or VI3
Server selection and VMware: Physical boxes or virtual machines
Capacity Planner 2.6 User Guide
Proven Practice: Five successful people practices to succeed with virtualization
Proven Practice: Migration Methodology


Tips and tricks for implementing infrastructure services on ESX server
Virtual Infrastructure Implementation Best Practices From A to Z (VMworld 2006)
The Roadmap to Virtual Infrastructure: Practical Implementation Strategies
File / Print / DNS Servers: Getting Started with Virtual Infrastructure
VMware VI3 on BladeCenter and System x Integrated with System i
Top Tips for Deploying VI, part 1
Top Tips for Deploying VI, part 2
Best Practices for Implementing VMware ESX Server

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General Links

VMware Versions compared
Choosing between VMware Server and ESX Server
VI3 Key Feature and Benefits Summary by Version (3.0.x)
VI3 Key Feature and Benefits Summary by Version (3.5.x)
A Comparison of Software and Hardware Techniques for x86 Virtualization
Understanding Full Virtualization, Paravirtualization and Hardware Assist
VMware ESX Server: Scale Up or Scale Out?
VI Support Lifecycle FAQ
Should VMware lower pricing of ESX Server?
Virtualization Management – New Technologies and Standards (VMworld 2007)
Operational Readiness – Five Steps to Success (VMworld 2007)
100% Virtual – Debunking the Myths and Realities (VMworld 2007)
Determining VMware Software Version and Build Number
The New Sprawl: Managing Virtual Server Environments

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ESXi Links

Installing and Configuring ESXi (Pt. 1)
Two ways to patch ESXi installable (Pt. 2)
VMware ESX 3i: Technology Evolution, not Revolution

VMware ESX 3i Guide
How to upload files to a VMware ESX 3i Server
How to create your own bootable ESX 3i USB stick
Get full control over your ESXi server
VMware ESX Server 3i
The Architecture of VMware ESXi
Managing VMware ESXi
Getting Started with ESX Server 3i Installable
Webcast: VMware ESXi: The Easiest Way to Get Started with Virtualization
ESX 3.5i for Free and the Impact on Hyper-V and the SMB
ESX 3.5i for free and the impact on Hyper-V and the SMB (my thoughts on Mike’s post)
Building an ESX3i White Box: Enterprise Virtualization for Less
Vmtn Community Roundtable podcast – ESXi
VMware ESX and ESXi comparison
Differences in Supported Networking Features Between ESX Server 3.5 and ESX Server 3i
How does VMware ESXi Server compare to ESX Server?
PXE Boot ESX3i Installable Edition
PXE Booting a Stateless ESXi Hypervisor
Boot ESXi from USB Storage
ESXi 3 Server Hosts Without Swap Enabled Cannot be Added to an HA Cluster
What’s the difference between free ESXi and licensed ESXi?
Disabling root login via SSH on VMware ESX 3i
ESXi Tech Support Mode for Emergency Support
How to access the VMware ESXi hidden console
VMware ESXi Configuration Checklist
Stateless VMware ESX Server 3i Version 3.5 Update 4 Using PXE Booting
VMware ESXi FAQs
How to create a bootable VMware ESXi USB pen drive

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ESX Links

ESX Server Architecture (VMworld 2007)
ESX Server 3.0 Tips and Tricks (VMworld 2006)
Enabling Active Directory Authentication with ESX Server
Configuring Management Agents for ESX Server 3.0.1
Adjusting ESX Server time zone
What does ESX stand for?
How to get VMware ESX virtual machine redundancy without VMware HA or vMotion
How to script one VMware ESX virtual machine for failover
Rebooting an ESX Server host
Investigating disk space on an ESX host
In-depth ESX Server Service Console Partitioning and Provisioning
Best Practices for ESX Host Partitions
Partitioning local storage on a ESX host
VMware Infrastructure 3.5 Review Guide
Using Linux shell scripts to automatically create VMware ESX 3.5 hosts
A deep dive into scripting VMware ESX host creation

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Energy Savings Links

Reducing Data Center Energy Costs with Power and Cooling Savings Calculator
Virtualization – The Most Impactful Solution to Data Center Power Crisis
Virtualization: The Best Initiative for Alleviating the Power Crisis in the Data Center
PG&E Energy Efficiency Program Datasheet
Averting the IT Energy Crunch
Virtualization takes on the Data Center
VMware’s Energy Savings Green Calculator
Virtualizing Sharepoint – How about saving 74% of your power?

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Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) Links

Resource Management with Vmware DRS
Effective DRS and HA in Production
DRS Performance and Best Practices
VMware HA and DRS Capacity Planning
VI3 Resource Management and DRS – Performance Use Cases (VMworld 2007)

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