Flash Storage Links

Understanding TLC NAND (Anandtech)
The SSD Anthology: Understanding SSDs and new drives from OCZ (Anandtech)
Threshold Voltage Distribution in MLC NAND Flash Memory: Characterization, Analysis, and Modeling (cmu.edu)
An Introduction to Flash Technology (Cormac Hogan)
Storage 101: Flash Storage Myths and Facts (Enterprise Storage Guide)
Solid State Drive Technology: Differences between SLC, MLC and TLC NAND (HP)
Understanding endurance and performance characteristics of HP solid state drives (HP)
What is the difference between MLC Flash and eMLC Flash, and is it required for Enterprise Flash? (Hu’s Blog)
All-Flash Array Performance Testing Framework (IDC)
Anatomy of SSDs (Linux Magazine)
NAND Flash Primer (Micron)
How Solid State Drives are Made (Micron)
NAND Flash 101: An Introduction to NAND Flash and How to Design It In to Your Next Product (Micron)
TLC, MLC, and SLC Devices (Micron)
NOR/NAND Flash Guide: Selecting a Flash Storage Solution (Micron)
Choosing the Right NAND (Micron)
Flash Memory Reliability – Read, Program, and Erase Latency Versus Endurance Cycling (NASA)
Introduction to Flash Memory (Pure Storage)
01: Why SSDs Are Awesome: An SSD Primer (Samsung)
02: Understanding SSD System Requirements: SATA Interface Basics (Samsung)
03: NAND Basics: Understanding the Technology Behind Your SSD (Samsung)
04: Understanding SSDs: A Peek Behind the Curtain (Samsung)
05: Maximize SSD Lifetime and Performance With Over-Provisioning (Samsung)
06: Protect Your Privacy: Security & Encryption Basics (Samsung)
07: Communicating With Your SSD: Understanding SMART Attributes (Samsung)
08: Benchmarking Utilities: What You Should Know (Samsung)
09: Why Integration Matters: What Samsung’s Vertical Integration Means to You (Samsung)
10: The Samsung Advantage: Why You Should Choose a Samsung SSD (Samsung)
11: Samsung Data Migration Software: The simplest way to get your new SSD up and running (Samsung)
12: Samsung Magician Software: OS Optimization Feature Overview (Samsung)
Floating Gate Basics (scu.ecu)
Increasing Flash SSD Reliability (Silicon Systems)
E‐MLC vs. MLC NAND Flash (Smart Storage Systems)
A detailed overview of flash management techniques (Smart Storage Systems)
Making the case for solid-state storage (Storage Magazine)
The truth about SSD performance benchmarks (Storage Magazine)
NAND vs. NOR Flash Memory Technology Overview (Toshiba)
FAQ: Using SSDs with ESXi (VMware Front Experience)
Yaffs NAND flash failure mitigation (Yaffs.net)

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