Top 10 things you must read about vCenter Server

  1. Bulletproof VirtualCenter – A VMworld 2007 presentation on properly configuring and protecting VirtualCenter so it has high availability.
  2. VirtualCenter Database Maintenance: SQL Server – A white paper from VMware on how to maintain the VirtualCenter database when using SQL Server.
  3. Running VirtualCenter in a Virtual Machine – A white paper from VMware discussing the advantages and limitations of running VirtualCenter as a VM.
  4. VirtualCenter Database Performance for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 – A white paper from VMware on performance statistic collections and there effect on the VirtualCenter database.
  5. VirtualCenter 2 Diagnostics – A VMworld 2006 presentation on troubleshooting problems with VirtualCenter.
  6. Managing Vmware VirtualCenter Roles & Permissions – A white paper from VMware on configuring roles and permissions in VirtualCenter.
  7. VirtualCenter 2.0 The Technical Insights – A VMware TSX 2007 presentation on the technical architecture of VirtualCenter.
  8. Template Usage and Best Practices – A white paper from VMware on creating, managing and using templates to deploy virtual machines.
  9. Replacing VirtualCenter Server Certificates – A technote from VMware on replacing the default certificates in VirtualCenter.
  10. VirtualCenter Technical Best practices – A document from VMware with technical details on VirtualCenter and vMotion.
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