Top 10 things you must read about ESXi

  1. Installing and Configuring ESXi (Pt. 1) – A basic guide to installing and configuring the installable version of ESXi.
  2. Two ways to patch ESXi installable (Pt. 2) – A basic guide on using two different methods for patching ESXi.
  3. VMware ESX Server 3i – A presentation from VMware on ESXi, this executive summary provides an overview of ESXi and its features and benefits.
  4. The Architecture of VMware ESXi – A white paper from VMware that provides technical detail on the archictecture and management model of ESXi.
  5. Managing VMware ESXi – A white paper from VMware that provides technical detail on managing ESXi including interactive and scripted management, patching, backup and using 3rd party management applications.
  6. Getting Started with ESX Server 3i Installable – The official documentation from VMware on installing and configuring ESXi.
  7. Webcast: VMware ESXi: The Easiest Way to Get Started with Virtualization – A webcast from VMware that covers the key capabilities of ESXi, steps needed for a typical deployment and the tools used for building and managing virtual machines.
  8. How does VMware ESXi Server compare to ESX Server? and VMware KB Article – Some comparisons of the key technical differences between ESX and ESXi.
  9. Boot ESXi from USB Storage – A tutorial on how to create a bootable USB flash drive that can be used to boot ESXi from.
  10. Get full control over your ESXi server – Describes methods for connecting to the command line interface that exists in ESXi that can be useful for support and troubleshooting purposes.
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