Scripting Links


Managing your Virtualization through the VMware API’s (VMworld 2007)
Using the VIX API (VMworld 2007)
Scripting VMware getting easier
Leveraging the VI3 SDK with .NET – Part One
Leveraging the VI3 SDK with .NET – Part Two
Virtual Disk API Programming Guide
VI3 SDK – Performance Counters
An introduction to scripting VI using Perl or Powershell
VI API Webinar Series Virtual Machine Reconfiguration
VMware Infrastructure (VI) API Reference Documentation


PowerShell scripting with VMware ESX tutorial Pt.1: Installing and using the PowerShell tool
PowerShell scripting for VMware ESX Pt. 2: Using Quest’s PowerGUI PowerPack script editor
Managing VI3 with Windows PowerShell (VMworld 2007)
Managing VMware with PowerShell FAQ
Getting Started with VMware’s PowerShell Toolkit
Creating a PowerShell GUI with PrimalForms
Getting Started with PowerShell and PowerGUI in your Virtual Infrastructure
5 New Videos on Managing your VMware Infrastructure Using PowerGUI
VI Toolkit (for Windows) Admin Guide
Introduction to Windows PowerShell Cmdlets
Windows PowerShell Owners Manual
VI Toolkit Quick Reference Guide
PowerCLI Mastery
VI Toolkit Hands-on Lab Manual VMworld Europe 2009


How to VI Perl Toolkit on Windows
Beginner’s Guide to the VMware Infrastructure Perl Toolkit (VMworld 2007)

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