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Sep 09 2013

Best Practices for running vSphere on iSCSI


VMware recently updated a paper that covers Best Practices for running vSphere on iSCSI storage. This paper is similar in nature to the Best Practices for running vSphere on NFS paper that was updated not too long ago. VMware has tried to involve their storage partners in these papers and reached out to NetApp & …

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Aug 08 2013

The Top 10 Things You MUST Know About Storage for vSphere


If you’re going to VMworld this year be sure and check out my session STO5545 – The Top 10 Things You MUST Know About Storage for vSphere which will be on Tuesday, Aug. 27th from 5:00-6:00 pm. The session was showing full last week but they must have moved it to a larger room as …

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Jul 14 2013

The new HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 – a great virtualization home lab server


I’ve always liked the small size of the HP MicroServer which makes it perfect for use in a virtualization home lab, but one area that I felt it was lacking was with the CPU. The original MicroServer came with a AMD Athlon II NEO N36L 1.3 Ghz dual-core processor which was pretty weak to use with …

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Dec 01 2012

New free tool – HP Virtualization Performance Viewer


This new free tool caught my eye when it was mentioned on an internal email chain, it’s called the HP Virtualization Performance Viewer (vPV). It’s a lightweight tool that provides real-time performance analysis reporting for to help diagnose and triage performance problems. It’s a Linux based utility and can be installed natively on any VM/PC …

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Nov 27 2012

Win a complete vSphere dream lab from Unitrends


Why would you want your own vSphere lab in the first place, if you read my book I have a whole chapter on it (actually Simon did that chapter), here’s why: Exam Study – To provide yourself with an environment where you can easily build a mock production environment to follow examples in any study …

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Oct 17 2012

Understanding CPU & Memory Management in vSphere


CPU & memory resources are two resources that are not fully understood in vSphere, and they are two resources that are often wasted, as well. In this post we’ll take a look at CPU & memory resources in vSphere to help you better understand them and provide some tips for properly managing them. Let’s first …

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Sep 23 2012

What is SAHF and LAHF and why do I need it to install vSphere 5.1?


Happened to look over the ESXi 5.1 documentation today (yeah, yeah, normally I just install and don’t RTFM) and noticed this in the Hardware Requirements section: ESXi 5.1 will install and run only on servers with 64-bit x86 CPUs ESXi 5.1 requires a host machine with at least two cores ESXi 5.1 supports only LAHF and SAHF …

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Sep 17 2012

VMware configuration maximums from 1.0 to 5.1


VMware has really grown in scalability from the early days of ESX 1.0 with each new release of vSphere. I put together this table on how the configuration maximums have increased over the years so you can see just how much it scales over the years. VMware has published there Configuration Maximums documentation with each …

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Jul 18 2012

All about the UNMAP command in vSphere


There’s been a lot of confusion lately surrounding the UNMAP command which is used to reclaim deleted space on thin provisioning that is done at the storage array level. The source of the confusion is VMware’s support for it which has changed since the original introduction of the feature in vSphere 5.0. As a result I wanted …

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Jun 15 2012

The why and how of building a vSphere lab for work or home


Be sure and register at the bottom of this article for your chance to win a Iomega ix4-200d 4TB Network Storage Cloud Edition provided by SolarWinds. Having a server lab environment is a great way to experience and utilize the technology that we work with on a daily basis. This provides many benefits and can …

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Jun 13 2012

Escaping the Cave – A VMware admins worst fear


The worst security fear of any virtual environment is having a VM be able to gain access at the host level which can allow it to compromise any VM running on that host. If a VM was to gain access to a host it would essentially have the keys to the kingdom and because it …

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Apr 14 2012

Some great vSphere technical resources from VMware

Finding good technical information from VMware can be tough, VMware scatters it all across their websites & blogs and their is no one big technical library where you can view everything. I’m a junkie for great technical information on vSphere and have run across a number of great resources that I thought I would share with …

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Nov 28 2011

vSphere Storage I/O Control: What it does and how to configure it

Storage is the slowest and most complex host resource, and when bottlenecks occur, they can bring your virtual machines (VMs) to a crawl. In a VMware environment, Storage I/O Control provides much needed control of storage I/O and should be used to ensure that the performance of your critical VMs are not affected by VMs …

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Nov 17 2011

Storage I/O Bottlenecks in a Virtual Environment


Today I wanted to highlight another white paper that I wrote for SolarWinds that is titled “Storage I/O Bottlenecks in a Virtual Environment”. I enjoyed writing this one the most as it digs really deep into the technical aspects of storage I/O bottlenecks. This white paper covers topics such as the effects of storage I/O …

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Aug 19 2011

The top iPad applications for VMware admins

The iPad is becoming more and more popular in the enterprise, and not just for mobile workers. There is also a slew of iPad applications for VMware admins. Many IT vendors see the iPad’s potential and are developing iPad apps that can manage their traditional hardware and software products. Xsigo Systems, for instance, has a …

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