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Sep 09 2013

Best Practices for running vSphere on iSCSI


VMware recently updated a paper that covers Best Practices for running vSphere on iSCSI storage. This paper is similar in nature to the Best Practices for running vSphere on NFS paper that was updated not too long ago. VMware has tried to involve their storage partners in these papers and reached out to NetApp & …

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Nov 19 2011

New ESXi 5.0 build to fix Software iSCSI Initiator issue


VMware has recently released a new build of ESXi to fix a bug that causes ESXi to hang for a long period of time while it tries to connect to all iSCSI targets. I’ve personally seen this happen in my lab and it can take quite a long time for ESXi to boot as it …

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Aug 09 2010

Using iSCSI storage with vSphere


To tap into some of VMware vSphere’s advanced features such as VMotion, fault tolerance, high availability and the VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler, you need to have shared storage for all of your hosts. vSphere’s proprietary VMFS file system uses a special locking mechanism to allow multiple hosts to connect to the same shared storage volumes …

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Feb 28 2010

The importance of the Hardware Compatibility List


VMware publishes a list of all server hardware that is supported with vSphere which includes servers, I/O adapters and storage and SAN devices. This list is continually updated and is most commonly referred to as the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL),  VMware changed the name for it a while back to the VMware Compatibility Guide as …

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