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4 out of 5 storage partners surveyed would recommend VVols for their customers who use VMware

Remember the old Trident gum commercial, it was a ringing endorsement from dentists for their patients that chew gum. Well recently VMware hosted a Virtually Speaking podcast featuring various storage partners to talk about VVols. The podcast featured representatives from key VVols partners: HPE, Pure, HDS and NetApp along with Bryan Young (VVols product manager), Pete Flecha, John Nicholson and Jason Massae from VMware.

I happened to be one of the people representing HPE and we talked about various topics including adoption and how customers are using VVols. When it comes to adoption both VMware and all partners are seeing increasing customer usage of VVols and every partner recommends that customers check out VVols and see what they are missing out on. So go listen to the podcast here, and what about that 5th partner? Apparently they didn’t show up but I’m confident they would recommend VVols to their customers as well.

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Top vBlog 2018 logos now available for the Top 50 blogs

I had logos made again this year for the blogs that made the top 50 in Top vBlog that you can display on your website. It’s always a crap shoot using Fiverr on how well the designer does, this year they turned out OK but was hoping they would be a bit better. You can download the individual logos below and size them however you need to fit on your site. Enjoy and congrats to all who made the top 50!.

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