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Creating a Virtual (Home) Lab for VMware VCP & VCAP – Step One: Design (Aaron Delp)
Is a whitebox or branded box better for a VMware lab? (Backup Central)
Intel Avoton: The Perfect Home Lab Host? (BeyondVM)
Iomega StorCenter ix2-200 Network Storage, Cloud Edition (Boche.net)
Building the Ultimate vSphere Lab (12-part series) (Boerlowie’s Blog)
vSphere 5.0 on HP ML110 G7 (Bussink.ch)
2013 Homelab refresh (Bussink.ch)
HP ML110 G7 and Power Management (iLO3 & vSphere DPM) (Bussink.ch)
New ESXi test box: the green machine (Conrey.org)
Meet My ESX(i) Server, the BabyDragon (Error 404 – It’s a Blog)
My lab Setup (ESX Virtualization)
My ESXi 4 Whitebox (ESX Virtualization)
Video of my VMware vSphere HomeLAB (ESX Virtualization)
My switch adventures (ESX Virtualization)
My homelab – The Network design with Cisco SG 300 – a Layer 3 switch for €199 (ESX Virtualization)
Supermicro Single CPU Board for ESXi Home lab – X10SRH-CLN4F (ESX Virtualization)
Homelab for VCP and VCDX (Gabe’s Virtual World)
My new whitebox ESX home lab (Gabe’s Virtual World)
Home Lab Hosts – Just in time for vSphere 5 (Jase’s Place)
Home Lab Hosts – Could it have been leaner? ($$) (Jase’s Place)
Nested vSphere Lab in VMware Workstation – Faster/Affordable/Portable Storage Alternative (Jase’s Place)
vSphere Home Lab: Part 1 – Storage (Jason Nash’s Blog)
vSphere Home Lab: Part 2 – Networking (Jason Nash’s Blog)
vSphere Home Lab: Part 3 – Compute (Jason Nash’s Blog)
vSphere Home Lab: Part 4 – Upgrading a Synology NAS (Jason Nash’s Blog)
VMware vSphere Home Lab – “The Green Machines” (Kendrick Coleman)
Scrap Lab – Home lab for the cheap (Michael Ryom)
My Work & Home Lab Environments (My Virtual Cloud)
My ESX future version compatible WhiteBox (NTPro.nl)
New ESX WhiteBox Asus V3-P5G45 (NTPro.nl)
A VMware High-Availability Cluster at Home (NTPro.nl)
The Mac Mini VMware ESXi 5 Server – Part 1 (Research) (Paraguin Consulting)
The Mac Mini VMware ESXi 5 Server – Part 2 (Installation) (Paraguin Consulting)
The Mac Mini VMware ESXi 5 Server – Part 3 (Follow Up) (Paraguin Consulting)
OS X on a Mac Mini with VMware ESXi 5 (Paraguin Consulting)
VMware vSphere Whitebox Server Lab Setup Part 1 (Ray Heffer)
VIDEO: VMware vSphere Whitebox Server Lab Setup Part 2 (Ray Heffer)
VMware vSphere Whitebox Server Lab Setup Part 3 (Ray Heffer)
Home Lab Server (Rick Mur)
Better than Ever – it’s the BabyDragon II! (Rootwyrm’s Corner)
NetGear ReadyNAS review: A look at the ReadyNAS 2100 (SearchSMBStorage)
Building a virtual test lab to boost VMware skills (SearchVMware.com)
VMware lab at home: Assembling the parts for advanced vSphere features (SearchVMware.com)
Sifting through the hardware options for advanced VMware home labs (SearchVMware.com)
Creating a VMware home lab: Dollars and sense (SearchVMware.com)
My VMware vSphere Home lab configuration (Shogan.tech)
Iomega ix2-200 Adds iSCSI, Sync To Dual-Drive SOHO NAS (Stephen Foskett)
Running your own EMC Celerra ‘Uber’ Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA) in your vSphere Lab – Part 1 (TechHead)
VMware ESXi vSwapping with SandForce SSDs (TechHead)
Running VMware vSphere on an HP MicroServer (TechHead)
VIDEO – HP Proliant MicroServer Hands On Review (TechHead)
New HP Proliant MicroServer – a decent vSphere lab server candidate? (TechHead)
VMworld Slide Deck – “Building an Affordable vSphere Environment for a Lab or Small Business” (TechHead)
VIDEO: vChat – Episode 3 – vSphere Home Labs (TechHead)
Running VMware vSphere 4.1 on a MacBook Pro with dual disks (incl SSD) (TechHead)
Lenovo TS200 Server Review – Part 1: Hardware (TechHead)
Lenovo TS200 Server Review – Part 2: Running vSphere (TechHead)
VMware ESX(i) Home Lab – Why, What and How? Considerations when building your own home lab (TechHead)
Building your own VMware vSphere lab – A step by step guide. Part 1 – Lab Overview (TechHead)
HP Proliant ML110 G6 Released – Still a worthy virtualization work or home lab server? (TechHead)
VMware vSphere ESX: Install, Configure, Manage – Preparing your Test Lab (TechHead)
Running VMware ESXi on a home lab HP Proliant ML115 G5 with a Dell PERC 5i Array Controller (TechHead)
Installing and Running VMware vSphere (ESX 4.0) on your lab HP Proliant ML110 or ML115 (TechHead)
Network Cards Used For My VMware ESX Home Lab (TechHead)
VMware ESX WhiteBox Solutions – An Article Summary (TechHead)
HP Proliant MicroServer G8 – A Decent Home Lab Server? (TechHead)
HomeLab Part 1: Design Process – Low Power Designs (vBrain)
HomeLab Part 2: Design Process – Medium Designs (vBrain)
HomeLab Part 3: Design Process – High End Design (vBrain)
HomeLab Part 4: Summary and Final decision (vBrain)
HomeLab Part 5: Upgrade LSI2308 Firmware (vBrain)
HomeLab Part 6: Install most recent driver for the LSI2308 controller (vBrain)
How to build a 64Gb Low Power and Fast ESXi Home Lab (vClouds.nl)
Home labs – the Synology 1512+ (vExperienced)
Home labs – a scalable vSphere whitebox (vExperienced)
Home labs – a poor man’s Fusion-IO? (vExperienced)
Building a Fast and Cheap NAS for your vSphere Home Lab with Nexentastor (Vinf.net)
Distributed Power Management (DPM) for your Home Lab (Vinf.net)
vT.A.R.D.I.S – 10 ESXi node cluster on a trolley as demonstrated at London VMUG (Vinf.net)
vTARDIS Cloud (Vinf.net)
Performance Update on Cheap vSphere Server (Vinf.net)
Cheap vSphere Server (Vinf.net)
New Home Lab Design (Vinf.net)
iTARDIS vSphere on a Mac Mini (Vinf.net)
My VMware Home lab (Virtual-blog)
SMB/LAN NAS Review (Virtual Future)
Cisco NSS324 review (Virtual Future)
Iomega IX4-200D review (Virtual Future)
Netgear ReadyNAS Ultra 6 review (Virtual Future)
QNAP TS-859U-RP+ Review (Virtual Future)
Synology DS1511+ NAS Review (Virtual Future)
Building a Home VMware Infrastructure Lab (Virtual Geek)
Updated “Homebrew” ESX Hardware List (Virtual Geek)
Updated 2011 vSphere ESXi 4.1 (and future) Homebrew/Whitebox parts list (Virtual Geek)
vCloud 5.1 Suite Home Lab-circa 2013 (Virtual Geek)
Building a Home Lab with ESXi 5.5, VSAN, and Mac Mini Server (6,2) (Part 1 of 3)
Post VMworld, Upgrading the Home Lab (Virtual Langer)
New whitebox for ESX4 (Virtual Lifestyle)
A new server for my lab (Virtual To The Core)
Home Lab (Virtualised Reality)
My New Lab Infrastructure (Virtualization Eh)
The Ultimate Portable Lab part1 (Virtualize Planet)
Running nested hypervisors on the Ultimate Portable Lab (Virtualize Planet)
Building new whitebox servers for VMware home lab (Virtualize Tips)
VIDEO: My Home VMware vSphere Lab (VMware Videos)
vSphere WhiteBox HCL (VM-help.com)
The SBHVL project – Part 1: Basic setup, Networking and Security (VMware Front Experience)
The SBHVL project – Part 2: Backup and Disaster Recovery (VMware Front Experience)
The SBHVL project – Part 3: Management, Remote Access and more Security (VMware Front Experience)
HP’s new itty-bitty Microserver, the little server that couldn’t (vSphere-land)
The new HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 – a great virtualization home lab server (vSphere-land)
The VMware Home Lab (vTexan)
Home vLab: no more “home” (Vuemuer.it)
Loading Up Your HP N40L MicroServer With 16GB Of RAM (Wahl Network)
Synology DS411 vSphere Home Lab Storage – Protocol Bakeoff (Wahl Network)
Efficient Virtual Networking Designs for vSphere Home Lab Servers (Wahl Network)
The HP ProLiant MicroServer N40L – VMware Home Lab Review [Video] (Wahl Network)
SuperMicro Advanced Features for Home Lab Servers [Video] (Wahl Network)
My Lab (Wahl Network)
Designing A Home Lab? Here’s My Three Favorite Tips (Wahl Network)
Three Example Home Lab Storage Designs using SSDs and Spinning Disk (Wahl Network)
New Super Quiet Supermicro X8SIL VMWare ESXi Server (Wolf++)

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