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Maximum vSphere – Pearson Publishing – August 2010
VMware VI3 Implementation and Administration – Pearson Publishing – May 2009


Train Signal Pro Series Volume 2 – July 2010


vChat Virtualization Video Chat w/Eric Siebert, David Davis & Simon Seagrave


Top 10 Best Practices for VMware Data Protection (Veeam – Mar 2011)
Configuring and Allocating Storage for Virtual Desktops – Tech Target (June 2011)

Vendor white papers

5 Ways VMware vSphere Improves Backup and Recovery (Veeam)
Top 10 Best Practices for VMware Data Protection (Veeam)
The Expert Guide To VMware Data Protection (Veeam eBook)
Storage I/O Bottlenecks in a Virtual Environment (Solarwinds)
Performance Management in a Virtual Environment (Solarwinds)
Top 5 Things You Need in a Virtualization Management Solution (Solarwinds) blog posts blog posts Top 10 lists Storage Magazine articles

Everything you need to know about vSphere and data storage (Jan 2010)
Virtualize Disaster Recovery (March 2010)
Using iSCSI storage with vSphere (Aug 2010)
10 tips for managing storage for virtual servers and virtual desktops (Oct 2010)
Using NAS for virtual machines (Feb 2011)
Managing storage for virtual desktops (March 2011)
Managing storage for virtual server environments (June 2011) articles

How to avoid VDI boot storm problems using SSD (April 2011)
Using SSD technology to support memory overcommitment in vSphere (May 2011)
Storage vMotion: Application and performance (June 2011)
VMware’s vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI): How they work and which arrays support them (June 2011) articles

VMware ESX 3.5 and VirtualCenter 2.5 small features guide (Feb 2008)
Using VMware Converter for P2V migration (Converter series Pt. 1) (Mar 2008)
Conducting hot P2V migrations with VMware Converter (Converter series Pt. 2) (Mar 2008)
Troubleshooting failed VMware Converter P2V migrations (Converter series Pt. 3) (Mar 2008)
How VMware snapshots work (Snapshot series Pt. 1) (Apr 2008)
Deleting virtual machine snapshots without wasting disk space (Snapshot series Pt. 2) (Apr 2008)
Troubleshooting VMware snapshots (Snapshot series Pt. 3) (May 2008)
Troubleshooting common VMware ESX host server problems (Troubleshooting series Pt. 1) (Jun 2008)
Preventing a VirtualCenter predicament (Troubleshooting series Pt. 2) (Jun 2008)
Resolving VMware ESX problems without pulling the plug (Troubleshooting series Pt. 3) (Jun 2008)
Using VMware Converter to resize virtual disk files (Re-sizing virtual disks series Pt. 1) (Jul 2008)
Increasing virtual disk partition size using DISKPART or GpartEd (Re-sizing virtual disks series Pt. 2) (Aug 2008)
Installing and Configuring ESXi (ESXi series Pt. 1) (Aug 2008)
Two ways to patch ESXi installable (ESXi series Pt. 2) (Aug 2008)
VI3 quick tips: Errant snapshots, virtual switches without NICs and more (Aug 2008)
VirtualCenter 2.5’s Guided Consolidation feature: A walk-through (Sept 2008)
Understanding VMware ESX virtual machine physical and virtual hardware (Anatomy of a VM series Pt. 1) (Dec 2008)
Understanding the files that make up a VMware virtual machine (Anatomy of a VM series Pt. 2) (Dec 2008)
Secure VMware vCenter Server, check password strength and Active Directory settings (Dec 2008)
Creating virtual machine clones and templates without vCenter Server (Jan 2009)
PowerShell scripting with VMware ESX tutorial: Installing and using the PowerShell tool (PowerShell series Pt. 1) (Feb 2009)
Choosing a virtual disk type for VMware ESX: Raw, thick and thin disks (Feb 2009)
Why you should delete outdated vCenter Server data (Purging VC database series Pt. 1) (Feb 2009)
Deleting extra VI3 vCenter Server data with Microsoft SQL Server (Purging VC database series Pt. 2) (Mar 2009)
Determining the right size for your VMware VMFS data stores (Mar 2009)
PowerShell scripting for VMware ESX: Using Quest’s PowerGUI PowerPack script editor (PowerShell series Pt. 2) (Apr 2009)
Creating a VMware vSphere guest OS: What’s new (Apr 2009)
Upgrading to VMware vSphere: Test first, deploy later (Apr 2009)
VMware vSphere: Got 64-bit hardware? (Apr 2009)
Solving driver installation problems: Windows XP on VMware ESX (May 2009)
Power options for graceful VMware virtual machine power-offs (June 2009)
Converting a physical server into a VMware ESXi virtual server (Convert to ESXi Pt. 1) (July 2009)
Installing VMware ESXi on a physical server (Convert to ESXi Pt. 2) (July 2009)
VMware vShield Zones: What it is and how it works (vShield Zones Pt. 1) (July 2009)
Installing and configuring vShield Zones (vShield Zones Pt. 2) (July 2009)
Quick tips for managing vShield Zones (vShield Zones Pt. 3) (Aug 2009)
HyTrust Appliance fills in single sign-on gap for VMware (Oct 2009)
Virtual-to-physical conversions: Why and how (Oct 2009)
The Mechanics of VMware GO (Nov 2009)
Virtualizing may cost more, but the benefits are worth it (Dec 2009)
How to steal a virtual machine and its data in 3 easy steps (Jan 2010)

SearchVMware’s Virtualization Viewpoints Columns

VMware’s year-to-date progress report (May 2009)
VMware’s growing pains: Free ESXi and VMworld restrictions (June 2009)
From VMware beginner to VMware expert: The must-have resources (July 2009)
Virtual appliances: The new frontier for application delivery (Aug 2009)
The VMware-Microsoft hypervisor battle continues (Aug 2009)
Keynotes, new tech and Tweetups at VMworld 2009 (Sept 2009)
VMware extends vSphere Enterprise licensing, but it’s a catch-22 (Nov 2009)
VMware 2009: Never a dull moment (Jan 2010)
A VMware 2010 report card (June 2010)
The VMword 2010 diaries (Sept 2010)
How PCI DSS 2.0 affects virtualization compliance (Nov 2010)
Which VMware certifications are right for you? (Dec 2010)
VMware hardware requirements make Hyper-V more appealing (Jan 2011)
Why’s the Nexus 1000V the only third-party distributed virtual switch? (Mar 2011) Server Virtualization Advisory Board Responses

Server Virtualization Advisory Board Home Page
How do you define cloud computing? (July 2009)
When should you mix server and desktop virtualization management? (Aug 2009)
For virtualization management, should you use platform vendors’ tools or third-party management? (Sept 2009)
What are the best ways to develop virtualization skills? (Oct 2009)
Will open source virtualization software help Citrix vs. Microsoft, VMware? (Nov 2009)
What are your tips for preventing and eliminating VM sprawl? (Dec 2009)
How should admins step up their virtual server management and prepare for virtualization trends in 2010? (Feb 2010)
Should you use multiple platforms for virtualization? (April 2010)
Should admins and systems engineers pay attention to VMforce? (June 2010)
How do you jump-start a stalled virtualization deployment (Aug 2010)
What are the challenges of physical and virtual backup management? (Oct 2010)
What are your 2011 server virtualization predictions? (Dec 2010)
Do traditional software licensing models work with virtualization? (Jan 2011)
Is the virtualization hypervisor a commodity? (Mar 2011) articles

How virtualization reduces IT managers’ workloads (May 2008)
Monitor VMware ESX with third-party applications (Aug 2008)
Eight critical tasks to complete after server virtualization (Dec 2008)
Blades vs. rack servers: Basic purchasing principles still apply (Choosing hardware for virtual servers series Pt. 1) (Apr 2009)
Selecting CPU, processors and memory for virtualized environments (Choosing hardware for virtual servers series Pt. 2) (Apr 2009)
Face-off: Should I get certified for virtualization? (Oct 2009)
Face-off: Hyper-V dynamic memory allocation vs. VMware memory overcommit (May 2011) articles

Avoiding VMware virtual machine backup pitfalls (Dec 2008)
A comparison of data backup software packages and their integration with VMware (Jan 2009)
VMware ESX backup alternatives (Mar 2009)
A review of VMware disk-to-disk backup apps: Veeam, Vizioncore, PHD Virtual and VDR (Nov 2009)
New features in VMware vSphere that benefit data backup and recovery (Jan 2010)
Data backup application choices for backing up virtual server environments (June 2010)
The future for VMware’s vStorage APIs for Data Protection looks promising (June 2010) articles

Affordable shared storage options for VMware vSphere (July 2010) articles

Creating a virtual machine and VM configuration in VMware vSphere (Feb 2010)
VMware virtual machines in vSphere: Options and hardware (Feb 2010)
FAQ: Virtual machine migration to vSphere (March 2010)
VSphere virtual machine migration tools: vCenter converter (March 2010)
Big vSphere features that don’t get much attention (May 2010)
Choosing vSphere vs. Hyper-V vs. XenServer (May 2010)
VSphere upgrade considerations: Features and licensing (May 2010)
VSphere requirements for hardware and deployment (May 2010)
Virtualized infrastructure design for vSphere (June 2010)
Distributed Resource Scheduler and vSphere management: An FAQ podcast (July 2010)
VSphere management FAQ: Virtual machine host resources (July 2010)
Assigning vSphere security access controls (Aug 2010)
Exploring vSphere HA features for failure protection (Sept 2010)
Managing virtual machines in vSphere (Oct 2010)
VCenter Update Manager installation and configuration (Nov 2010)
Utilizing vSphere features, resource controls for VM priority (Dec 2010)
New vSphere 4.1 resource controls for storage, networking (Dec 2010)
What’s new with vSphere editions, features for VARs? (Jan 2011)
VSphere license options for solution providers: FAQ (Jan 2011)
High-availability and clustering solutions for vSphere VMs (Feb 2011)
VAR concerns and considerations for handling vSphere security: FAQ (March 2011)
ESX-to-ESXi migration: Making the case for your customers (April 2011)
Implementing Fibre Channel SANs in a virtual server environment (Apr 2011)
The importance of a vSphere health check to VARs (May 2011)
Picking the best vSphere backup options for your customer (June 2011) articles

Benefits of virtualizing Lotus Domino servers (Apr 2009)
Ensure maximum performance from virtualized Lotus Domino servers (June 2009)

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