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Happy Data Privacy Day

I never knew such a day existed but apparently it’s been around since 2007. The origins of Data Privacy Day originated in Europe but in 2009 the US passed a resolution declaring January 28 National Data Privacy Day. The purpose of Data Privacy Day is to raise awareness and promote privacy and data protection best practices. So whether you celebrate it or not, the folks over at Vembu have put together a quick survey to collect your thoughts on the impact of data privacy regulations and how you have implemented data protection in your VMware environment. If you can spare 2 minutes to complete the survey to help support my site I sure would appreciate it. You can also read more about Data Privacy Day at the National Cyber Security Alliance website.

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Top vBlog results

I closed the voting in mid December, we had over 2,000 people that voted this year. I’ve already added up and scored all the voting, I’m just finishing up on the other scoring modifiers, # of posts and blog performance. I should have the full results ready this week and we will be announcing via a live results show in the next week or two so stay tuned!

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VVols update

I’ll be doing a few posts on VVols in the coming weeks right here but I wanted to highlight a recent post on VVols that I did on the HPE Around the Storage Block blog. In that post I highlighted the following:

  • A recent webinar I did with VMware on the benefits of VVols
  • Why nobody was really ready for VVols until recently
  • How VVols is like a foundation for the house and it’s up to each vendor to build their house
  • Why I feel 2019 will be the years that VVols will start to take off
  • Some statistics on VVols adoption
  • What’s new from HPE related to VVols

So go check it out here and stay tuned for a lot more right here.

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