Monthly Archive: September 2012

Sep 23 2012

What is SAHF and LAHF and why do I need it to install vSphere 5.1?


Happened to look over the ESXi 5.1 documentation today (yeah, yeah, normally I just install and don’t RTFM) and noticed this in the Hardware Requirements section: ESXi 5.1 will install and run only on servers with 64-bit x86 CPUs ESXi 5.1 requires a host machine with at least two cores ESXi 5.1 supports only LAHF and SAHF …

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Sep 17 2012

VMware configuration maximums from 1.0 to 5.1


VMware has really grown in scalability from the early days of ESX 1.0 with each new release of vSphere. I put together this table on how the configuration maximums have increased over the years so you can see just how much it scales over the years. VMware has published there Configuration Maximums documentation with each …

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Sep 10 2012

vSphere 5.1 Link-O-Rama

Your complete guide to all the essential vSphere 5.1 links. Bookmark this page and keep checking back as it will grow as new links are added. What’s New Links What’s New in VMware vSphere 5.1 (Technical Paper) What’s New in VMware vSphere 5.1 – Storage (Technical Paper) What’s New in VMware vSphere 5.1 – Performance …

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Sep 04 2012

VMware’s new vSphere Data Protection backup application

With the vSphere 5.1 release VMware is replacing their current vSphere Data Recovery (vDR) product with a new product called vSphere Data Protection (vDP). vDR was first introduced in vSphere 4 as a simple image-level backup application for virtual machines, unlike other products that VMware acquired vDR was developed in-house. It was a no-frills backup …

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Sep 03 2012

VMworld 2012 wrap-up report


Well another VMworld under the belt, for me it’s #5, I’ve been going every year since 2009 and it never gets old. VMware has record attendance every year except for 2009 with this year topping out around 21,000 attendees. I wonder where and when that number will finally peak, with Hyper-V gaining popularity I imagine it …

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Sep 01 2012

VMworld Coverage – Day 2 – VDI, talent show and more beta products

Little late posting this but better late then never. Day 2 at VMworld and the keynote was mostly dominated by VMware’s End User Computing (VDI) initiatives. They showed off some pretty slick stuff including a seamless real-time upgrade of a user desktop from Windows XP to Windows 7 as well as some great mobility options …

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