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Here we go again: the correct case for VVols is now vVols

VMware loves their acronyms and through the years has constantly changed the format for them from upper to lower case. vSAN has gone from VSAN to vSAN and now according to VMware the correct case for abbreviating VVols is vVols. It’s always frustrating when VMware does this, especially if you are a vendor and have to update a lot of different things when this happens. It’s especially frustrating this time because VMware originally had it as VVols and then they switched to vVols and then they switched back to VVols which it has been since 2016 and now they are going back to vVols. So if you want to be politically correct go search and replace as from this day forward it’s now vVols (until they change it again).

Wanted to highlight a comment and tweet from Lee Caswell as context around this:


Author: Lee L Caswell
You’re right. confusing.  But now that we’re finally doubling down on Virtual Volumes marketing we’re going to standardize.
FWIW – vSAN was renamed because naming was all over the map.  Here are the simple reasons we changed it:
– VMware vSAN could be and is now trademarked
– vSAN with a small indicates alignment with vSphere and vCenter
– vSAN replaced “Virtual SAN” which was retired forever as it is not trademarked and is used by others
Since that decision, we’ve crushed search engine optimization with consistent application of a name and marketing backed by $$$ and determination.
We’re coming at Virtual Volumes with the same enthusiasm so strap in.  For fun there’s a twitter poll here which will be one input:


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