Monthly Archive: August 2011

Aug 19 2011

Face-off: Is VMware Tools worth the virtual security risks?

VMware Tools are an optional set of drivers and utilities that improve the performance and manageability of virtual machines. But there’s a debate about whether the benefits of installing VMware Tools outweigh the potential virtual security risks that it introduces. On one hand, VMware Tools replaces many of the guest operating system drivers that were …

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Aug 19 2011

The top iPad applications for VMware admins

The iPad is becoming more and more popular in the enterprise, and not just for mobile workers. There is also a slew of iPad applications for VMware admins. Many IT vendors see the iPad’s potential and are developing iPad apps that can manage their traditional hardware and software products. Xsigo Systems, for instance, has a …

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Aug 10 2011

vSphere Licensing Advisor tool now available

VMware has released the Licensing Advisor tool that I talked about in this post for you to download and run in your environment to see how it complies with the new licensing model in vSphere 5. The download link and FAQ for the tool areĀ availableĀ on VMware’s website.

Aug 03 2011

VMware has a change of heart on licensing


When VMware announced the new licensing model based on vRAM when they revealed vSphere 5 the ensueing uproar overshadowed all the great features and enhancements that are part of vSphere 5. In fact if you look at my vSphere 5 link collection you will see that there are more links about licensing then there are …

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