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Coming Soon: Top vBlog 2020

After a brief hiatus and a health scare, I’m back at it and ready to launch the next Top vBlog voting. We have been running behind the last few years so I’ve decided to fast forward to 2020 which will be based on on blogging activities in 2019 so we’re all caught up to the present time.

The modified scoring method I’ve been using the last few years will remain the same. Instead of just relying on public voting which can become more about popularity and less about blog content, I added several other scoring factors into the mix which has worked out well. The total points that blogger can receive through the entire process will be made up of the following factors:

  • 80% – public voting – general voting – anyone can vote – votes are tallied and weighted for points based on voting rankings as done in past years
  • 10% – number of posts in a year – how much effort a blogger has put into writing posts over the course of a year based on Andreas hard work adding this up each year (aggregator’s excluded)
  • 10% – Google PageSpeed score – how well a blogger has done to build and optimize their site as scored by Google’s PageSpeed tools, you can read more on this here where I scored some of the top blogs.

Once again the 10 minimum blog posts rule in 2019 will be enforced to be eligible to be on the Top vBlog voting form. Stay tuned for more details and the kickoff which will happen in the next few weeks.

And a big thank you to Zerto who stepped up to sponsor Top vBlog 2020!


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