Monthly Archive: February 2010

Feb 28 2010

The importance of the Hardware Compatibility List


VMware publishes a list of all server hardware that is supported with vSphere which includes servers, I/O adapters and storage and SAN devices. This list is continually updated and is most commonly referred to as the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL),  VMware changed the name for it a while back to the VMware Compatibility Guide as …

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Feb 17 2010

Need vSphere training? There’s an app for that…


I received a copy of Train Signal’s new vSphere Pro Series Vol. 1 which includes 3 modules on VMware View/ThinApp, Cisco Nexus 1000V and PowerCLI. The new Pro series is aimed towards users that want more than the basics and want to learn more about some of the advanced features in vSphere. I particularly like …

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Feb 16 2010

Interesting blog

Thought I would share a blog that I’ve been reading now for quite some time that has some great information in it. I found it by accident while searching for information once, it’s VMware’s Technical Account Manager (TAM) blog were they generate newsletters roughly every week with lots of information for VMware’s many TAM’s. If …

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Feb 16 2010

All good things must come to an end

Just a reminder that VMware will remove older versions of VI3 from their download site and only allow you to download the very latest versions beginning in May. So if you don’t already have them downloaded, get them while you can. I have links to all the download locations for the older versions here.  Sometimes …

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Feb 10 2010

New storage toys and new storage woes


In the last week I’ve gotten some new storage devices, both at work and at home. Unfortunately I’ve experienced problems with both and its not been as fun of a week as I would of liked. The new work storage device is a HP MSA-2312i which is the iSCSI version of their Modular Storage Array …

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Feb 01 2010

Virtualizing Domino – Pt.1 – The Journey Begins

I started doing Lotus Domino server administration back in 1994 on version 3.0, about 5 years ago the company I work for decided to outsource it to a hosting provider. While it was outsourced I was still pretty involved with the management and administration of the environment. We recently decided to bring it back in-house …

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