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If you’re looking up at the clouds you’ll probably notice StratoGen

I’m pleased to announce StratoGen as a new sponsor to vSphere-land.com. If you aren’t familiar with StratoGen I’d like to take a moment to tell you who they are and what they provide.

More and more companies are looking to host either part or all of their VMware environments with a hosting provider for various reasons. There are a lot of advantages to this, the obvious ones are centered implementing BC/DR solutions and reducing CAPEX & OPEX costs. Whatever your reason is for doing it, StratoGen is equipped to handle any size VMware hosting need.

StratoGen is a leading VMware hosting provider with award winning cloud platforms in the US, UK and Asia. From single virtual machines to dedicated private clouds, StratoGen delivers a powerful yet cost effective cloud hosting solution. The StratoGen Cloud is engineered from the ground up to be extremely dynamic and resilient, allowing you to add more servers or resources instantly.

StratoGen hosted VMware services include a 100% up-time service level guarantee. The StratoGen Cloud can be seamlessly integrated with any on-site VMware infrastructure you may have, offering a “single pane” management console for both your hosted and on-site resources. StratoGen offers a wide range of hosted solutions for VMware environments including Hosted Desktops, Disaster Recovery, Private Cloud Hosting and VMware Hosting.

If you’d like to learn more about Stratogen and the VMware hosting services they provide visit their website and if you’d like to experience their offerings first hand they also offer a free 7-day trial.

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Post Top vBlog 2014 notes

Another year, another top blog voting in the books. I’m glad I only do this once a year as the entire process from start to finish is long, tedious and very time-consuming. Now that it’s over I can finally start playing the new Diablo 3 expansion I got last week. Here’s some general notes on whats happening now that the voting is over and the results are posted.

  • I’ve updated the vLaunchpad with the new results, because there are SO MANY blogs now (325+), I’m now publishing the top 100 blogs instead of the top 50 blogs to give more people some recognition instead of being lumped into that giant mass of 250+ non-top 50 blogs. The top 100 is up to date, I’m still updating some of the other blogs on the page and adding some additional blogs that cropped up at the last minute. So if you don’t see yourself on their be patient for another week or so.
  • Nutanix has made a nice gesture and wants to reward the bloggers that made the top 50 this year with a special gift. If you made the top 50 be sure and follow @Nutanix on Twitter and DM them your address info so you don’t miss out.
  • I’ll be sending out the prizes courtesy of Veeam for the 5 bloggers that were picked randomly from the top 50 by the end of this week. Each of those bloggers that won are also giving away the same type of prize that they won to one of their blog readers so watch out to see how you can win as well. Chris Wahl has a post on his giveaway for a Pebble Smart Watch, Christian Mohn has a post on his giveaway for a Google Chromecast, Eric Shanks has a post on his giveaway for a Sony MDR-X10 Headphones, watch for upcoming posts from Mike Preston and Duncan Epping on their giveaways.
  • If you made the top 50 and want to add some bling to your website to let your readers know it be sure and check out these officially sanctioned badge images made by Eric Shanks. There is one for the Top 10, Top 25 and Top 50.
  • If you haven’t seen the special Top vBlog 2014 Countdown Show that we did via Google Hangouts be sure and watch the replay.

Well that’s all for now, back to Diablo 3, see you all again next year for Top vBlog 2015 edition.

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