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Another new vChat episode recorded live from VMworld!

While at VMworld 2015, David, Simon and I managed to get together and record a new vChat episode where we talked about what was happening at the event. We recorded it in a secret recording studio deep under the Mosser hotel, it might look like we were in a data center but we recorded in front of a green screen and Simon added the backdrop in afterwards. So give it a watch and look for more episodes coming soon! You can also read my thoughts and observations on VMworld here.

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A new vChat so epic it was a year in the making

It’s been a while (over a year!) since David, Simon and I have gotten together and done a vChat podcast for various reasons but we finally managed to get together and record a new one. In this new episode #36 we chat about virtualization and other topics such as vSphere home labs, how to stay up to date on virtualization news, HP MicroServers, Apple Mac Minis, Dr. Who and what we plan to chat about in the future (might be another year, ha)! So click the video below and enjoy.


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vChat Episode 8 – Top blogger awards show

vChat episode 8 was all about the top bloggers, we count up from number 25 to number 1 based on the voting results from my top VMware blogger survey and also say a few words about each blogger. Special guest John Troyer from VMware joins us along with a message from a surprise guest. The full voting results will be published later today. Special thanks to Simon for his great editing work.

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vChat – Episode 7 – Migrating from ESX to ESXi, HP’s new Microserver, iPad vApps

This week Simon, David & I talk about upgrading existing ESX hosts to ESXi hosts, HP’s new Microsoerver and the new applications for the iPad that we shown at VMworld.

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vChat – Episode 6 – LIVE From VMworld 2010 in San Francisco

While attending VMworld we had the opportunity to record a VMworld edition of our weekly vChat podcast in the blogger lounge using Silicon Angle’s great video recording setup. So check out Simon Seagrave, David Davis & myself recording vChat on Thursday morning in the Cube. Thanks to John Furrier for scheduling us in and helping us out with this.

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New vChat video posted

I participate in a weekly video podcast called vChat along with Simon Seagrave (techhead.co.uk) and David Davis (vmwarevideos.com). Each week we discuss certain topics related to virtualization for about 30 minutes. This weeks episode (vChat #3) we discuss home labs and give advice and our experiences with building our own home labs. So head on over there and check out the latest episode as well as past episodes, you can also subscribe via iTunes.


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