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The VMworld 2010 diaries

VMworld 2010 has come and gone. As usual, it was a whirlwind of nonstop action that ended way too quickly. This was my third VMworld, and I can honestly say that this conference was the best one by far.

Last year’s VMworld attendance was approximately 12,500, a decline from 14,000 in 2008. This year, however, attendance was much higher, with more than 17,000 people. The record attendance seemed to surprise even VMware, but it’s a good indicator that the economy is on the mend and IT budgets are opening up. It’s also proof that virtualization is as hot as ever.

Despite the high attendance, VMware handled the crowds fairly well. As always, VMworld was spread across the north and south wings of the Moscone Center in San Francisco. But VMware also reserved Moscone West, which provided a nice space to house the hands-on labs. The labs were set up differently this year, so more people could use of them. And they were self-guided with no instructors.

Read the full article at searchvmware.com…

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Day 3 – Wednesday

The Big VMware Announcements at VMworld (Virtualization Practice)
It is a Brand New Day (The Console)
VMWorld recommendations – By popular demand… (Virtual Insanity)
VMWorld – Day 3: Sticking My Head in to the Clouds (Knudt Blog)
Manage your ESX 5.0 host from the iPad (NTPro.nl)
VMworld Day Two (Planet VM)

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vChat – Episode 6 – LIVE From VMworld 2010 in San Francisco

While attending VMworld we had the opportunity to record a VMworld edition of our weekly vChat podcast in the blogger lounge using Silicon Angle’s great video recording setup. So check out Simon Seagrave, David Davis & myself recording vChat on Thursday morning in the Cube. Thanks to John Furrier for scheduling us in and helping us out with this.

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Day 2 – Tuesday

General Session official video (VMworld.com)
VMworld 2010 Keynote, Day 2 (Scott Lowe)
Live from VMworld 2010: Day 2 (Virtualization.info)
VMworld 2010 Opening Keynote Live Blog (Brian Madden)
VMworld 2010 – General Session – Live Blogging (It’s Just Another Layer)
VMworld – Keynote Live Blog (Blue Shift)
VMworld Keynote – Announcing VMware vCloud Director (Aaron Delp)
VMWorld – Day 2: The Best of Times and the Worst of Times (Knudt Blog)
VMworld 2010 Keynote (Jase’s Place)
Hey Security Guys, VMworld Is Hitting Your Playground (Kendrick Coleman)
VMware vCloud Director and Enterprise Cloud (Kendrick Coleman)
VMworld 2010 by the numbers (SearchServerVirtualization)
vCloud Director unveiled at VMworld 2010 (SearchServerVirtualization)
VMware acquires Integrien (SearchServerVirtualization)
VMworld 2010 First Impressions (Virtualization Practice)
VMworld Day 2 (Virtual Insanity)
I’m Not One to Drink the Kool-Aid, But… (Vinternals)
VMware’s (New) vShield: The (Almost) Bottom Line (Rational Survivability)
VMware View 4.5: Ready for the Large Enterprise (Chris Wolf)
vCloud Director Security Model (Aaron Delp)
VMware vCloud Director officially available (Rethink IT)
The Enterprise Hybrid Cloud, Delivered (Rethink IT)
VMware vShield Secures IT as a Service (Rethink IT)
View 4.5 & The Journey Towards Enabling the Consumer Cloud Experience for the Enterprise (VMware View-Point blog)

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Day 1 – Monday

vFabric Wasn’t Even Mentioned (Kendrick Coleman)
VMworld – Future of Networking (Musings of Rodos)
VMworld 2010 Solutions Exchange – EMC Sneak Peek (Jase’s Place)
VMworld 2010 Lab Tour (Mister VM)
Distributed Virtual Network: The future of VMware networking (SearchServerVirtualization)
VMworld 2010 Sunday/Monday update (Virtual Insanity)
VMworld Announcements, Day 1 (Scott Lowe)
VMworld – Day -2, -1 and 0 (RTFM Education)
VMworld 2010 SF – Day 1 (Vinf.net)
How To Wield the New vShield (Edge, App & Endpoint) (Rational Survivability)
Been Here a Week and We’re Just Getting Started… Day 1 of VMworld 2010 (Jason Nash’s blog)
VMware vCloud Director Explained (NTProl.nl)
VMware vCloud Director (vCD) (Yellow Bricks)
VMworld 2010 Day 1 (Planet VM)
VMworld First Thoughts (Everyday Virtualization)

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Day 0 – Sunday

VMworld 2010: Labs are the place to be! (Yellow Bricks)
VMworld 2010 Hands-on Labs (Vinf.net)
Come see the vTARDIS at VMworld on Monday (Vinf.net)
VMworld 2010 Labs Preview (VMtoday)
Live Coverage Of VMWorld 2010 WUPaaS (VM/ETC)

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Conference Recaps

What you missed at VMworld 2010 (Virtual Insanity)
VMworld 2010 – wrap-up report… (Virtual Geek)
VMworld – Where Did the Week Go? (Jason Nash’s blog)
The real story behind VMworld 2010 (Infoworld)
VMworld: 7 Years Without a Glitch (E-commerce Time)
My VMworld 2010 trip report (Storage Texan)
Thoughts on VMworld: vSphere, vCloud and the Meaning of “Open” (VMware vCloud Blog)
VMworld Reflections (The Hoard Facts)
vCloud Director – the vmworld koolaid hangover (VM Lover)
VMworld 2010: The angst of crowds (SearchServerVirtualization)
Security is a major theme at VMworld 2010 (VMware Security blog)
VMworld 2010 – Hands-on-Labs = 7,640,306,790 IOs served (Virtual Geek)
VMworld 2010 – v0dgeball – the epic 2010 battle 🙂 (Virtual Geek)
My trip to VMworld, part 1 (vDestination)
VMworld 2010 review (Virtualization Admin)
VMworld Labs, the aftermath (Yellow Bricks)

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VMworld 2010 – The Links

As usual I have my huge link mega-rama for VMworld this year with just about every useful link about VMworld that is available all nicely categorized. It will be continually growing as new links from bloggers and other sources are published so be and sure and check back often. Click the button on the top right in the sidebar to get to them or go click on this link.

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