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VMware releases another batch of Free VMworld 2015 session recordings

I posted last week about the VMworld 2015 session recordings that VMware released for free to the general public (non-attendees) via their YouTube channel. VMware has just published another batch bringing the total sessions released up to 54 so I have updated my previous post to add the new sessions in. The sessions span many different tracks but if you look at the topics and speakers you will see that the free sessions are mainly composed of the following:

  • Mostly VMware speakers, however there are a small amount of vendor sessions (I’m one of them!)
  • Lots of VDI sessions, VMware wants more people doing VDI so they historically release many VDI sessions
  • Sessions that target specific technologies that VMware wants to promote like VSAN, VVols and NSX
  • Some of the most popular and well attended sessions

Traditionally VMware releases around this number of free sessions each year with the rest only accessible by paid attendees or through other avenues. As a result this is probably the last batch of free sessions that we will see until next VMworld when VMware releases all the prior year sessions for free. I’ve highlighted below a few of the free sessions that look good (of course a shameless plug for my VVols session) and may interest you:

Click here to view the full list of all free VMworld 2015 sessions sorted by track

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Sessions & Labs

VMworld 2010 – Storage Super-Heavyweight Challenge (TechHead)
VMworld 2010 Session – “Building an Affordable vSphere Environment for a Lab or Small Business” (TechHead)
Maritz on vCloud Datacenter (Musings of Rodos)
TA8037: vApps, OVF, and Advanced VM Templates (Scott Lowe)
DV7706: View Composer Technical Deep Dive and Best Practices (Scott Lowe)
MA6580: Bridge the ESX/ESXi Management Gap with vMA (Scott Lowe)
TA8233: Prioritizing Storage Resource Allocation Using Storage I/O Control (Scott Lowe)
EA7849 – Exchange Server 2010 on vSphere (It’s Just Another Layer)
Dan Anderson is my hero! (VMworld update) (Virtual Insanity)
The Land of Milk and Bunnies: Day 1 of VMworld (vtacit.com)
VMworld session DV7907: View Reference Architecture (VM Junkie)
VMworld sesson DV7180 – ThinApp Futures (VM Junkie)
VMworld session TA7805 – Tech Preview: Storage DRS (VM Junkie)
VMworld 2010 – TA8623 “Storage Super-Heavyweight Challenge” (Virtual Geek)
VMworld 2010 – EMC Supersession (Virtual Geek)
VMworld 2010 – TA8101 (Virtual Geek)
VMworld 2010 – VCE Supersession (Virtual Geek)
VMworld 2010 – TA8051 (Virtual Geek)
VMworld 2010 – TA9820 (Virtual Geek)
VMworld 2010 – TA8133 (Virtual Geek)

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Session Links

Exclusive “Online Only” Sessions for VMworld 2009
VMworld 2009 sessions
VMworld 2009 – the session I’m looking forward to the most!
VMworld is almost here … here are your must attend networking sessions
Security Sessions at VMworld 2009
BC1500 – Site Recovery Manager Best Practices (Scott Lowe)
BC3209 and DV2484 (Scott Lowe)
TA2384 – Deploying the Nexus 1000V (Scott Lowe)
TA4820 – What keeps a cloud up?
(It’s Just Another Layer)
EA3196 – Virtualizing BlackBerry Enterprise on VMware (It’s Just Another Layer)
TA3461 – IO DRS: Tech Preview for VM Performance Isolation (It’s Just Another Layer)
VMworld 2009: ThinApp upcoming features
(Virtual Future)
VMworld 2009: Understanding “Host” and “Guest” Memory Usage (Virtual Future)
VMworld session DV2363 – CVP Tech Deep Dive (VM Junkie)
VMworld Session VM2241 – PowerCLI (4.0 Update 1 and Onyx)
(VM Junkie)
VMworld session TA3438 – Top 10 Performance improvements in vSphere 4 (VM Junkie)
VMworld session DV2363 – CVP Tech Deep Dive (VM Junkie)
VMworld session DV2801 – Integrating View into your Environment (VM Junkie)
VMworld session DV3260 – Protocol Benchmarking and Comparisons (VM Junkie)
VMworld 2009: Day 2: PowerShell Session (RTFM Education)
VMworld 09 – Long Distance VMotion (TA3105) (Virtual Lifestyle)
VM3463 – Monitoring Hardware Health With vCenter 4 (VM/ETC)
VMworld 2009 Ask the Experts Follow-Up (Professional VMware)
TA2650 scripts – Part 1 – Profiling your vSphere environment (LucD Notes)
TA2650 scripts – Part 2 – Using the profile XML file for SDK programming (LucD Notes)
TA2650 scripts – Part 3 – Checking cluster node configurations (LucD Notes)
TA2650 scripts – Part 4 – NIC Teaming – “hidden” failure criteria (LucD Notes)
VMworld 2009: VMware, Cisco, and EMC Super-Session (SS5240) (Virtual Geek)
VMworld 2009: Best Practices for Multipathing in VI3.5 and vSphere (TA2467) (Virtual Geek)
VMworld 2009: VMware-EMC Super Session (SS5140) (Virtual Geek)
VMworld 2009: Ask the Experts (TA2259) (Virtual Geek)
VMworld 2009: Long Distance VMotion (TA3105) (Virtual Geek)
VMworld: VMFS3 (vReference)
VMworld: Networking Deep Dive (vReference)
VMworld: HA (vReference)
IO DRS – Providing Performance Isolation to VMs in Shared Storage Environments (TA3461) (Yellow Bricks)

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