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Exclusive “Online Only” Sessions for VMworld 2009
VMworld 2009 sessions
VMworld 2009 – the session I’m looking forward to the most!
VMworld is almost here … here are your must attend networking sessions
Security Sessions at VMworld 2009
BC1500 – Site Recovery Manager Best Practices (Scott Lowe)
BC3209 and DV2484 (Scott Lowe)
TA2384 – Deploying the Nexus 1000V (Scott Lowe)
TA4820 – What keeps a cloud up?
(It’s Just Another Layer)
EA3196 – Virtualizing BlackBerry Enterprise on VMware (It’s Just Another Layer)
TA3461 – IO DRS: Tech Preview for VM Performance Isolation (It’s Just Another Layer)
VMworld 2009: ThinApp upcoming features
(Virtual Future)
VMworld 2009: Understanding “Host” and “Guest” Memory Usage (Virtual Future)
VMworld session DV2363 – CVP Tech Deep Dive (VM Junkie)
VMworld Session VM2241 – PowerCLI (4.0 Update 1 and Onyx)
(VM Junkie)
VMworld session TA3438 – Top 10 Performance improvements in vSphere 4 (VM Junkie)
VMworld session DV2363 – CVP Tech Deep Dive (VM Junkie)
VMworld session DV2801 – Integrating View into your Environment (VM Junkie)
VMworld session DV3260 – Protocol Benchmarking and Comparisons (VM Junkie)
VMworld 2009: Day 2: PowerShell Session (RTFM Education)
VMworld 09 – Long Distance VMotion (TA3105) (Virtual Lifestyle)
VM3463 – Monitoring Hardware Health With vCenter 4 (VM/ETC)
VMworld 2009 Ask the Experts Follow-Up (Professional VMware)
TA2650 scripts – Part 1 – Profiling your vSphere environment (LucD Notes)
TA2650 scripts – Part 2 – Using the profile XML file for SDK programming (LucD Notes)
TA2650 scripts – Part 3 – Checking cluster node configurations (LucD Notes)
TA2650 scripts – Part 4 – NIC Teaming – “hidden” failure criteria (LucD Notes)
VMworld 2009: VMware, Cisco, and EMC Super-Session (SS5240) (Virtual Geek)
VMworld 2009: Best Practices for Multipathing in VI3.5 and vSphere (TA2467) (Virtual Geek)
VMworld 2009: VMware-EMC Super Session (SS5140) (Virtual Geek)
VMworld 2009: Ask the Experts (TA2259) (Virtual Geek)
VMworld 2009: Long Distance VMotion (TA3105) (Virtual Geek)
VMworld: VMFS3 (vReference)
VMworld: Networking Deep Dive (vReference)
VMworld: HA (vReference)
IO DRS – Providing Performance Isolation to VMs in Shared Storage Environments (TA3461) (Yellow Bricks)

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