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Tech Target VMworld 2009 coverage
VMworld blogger coverage page
List of Bloggers at VMworld
Live Stream from VMworld Communities Lounge
Virtual Strategy Magazine VMworld 2009 coverage
98 Resources for VMworld (ZDNet)

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Conference Info


VMworld 2009 Registration FAQs
Register for General Session Webcasts
Alumni Program
Sunday Registration


Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) Session Schedule
Solutions Exchange Theater Schedule
vCloud Pavilion Theater Schedule
VMworld 2009 Partner Track Agenda
VMworld Book Signings
Online Schedule Builder
Schedule Builder FAQ
Content Catalog
Agenda at a Glance
Developer Day
Super Sessions
Tracks & Sessions
Hands-on Labs
Partner Track


VMworld 2009 Conference Pocket Guide
VMworld 2009 Conference Program Guide


Map – Marriott Hotel (for Labs)
Map – Moscone Center (Mezzanine Level)
Map – Moscone Center (Lower Level)
Map – Moscone Center (Street Level)
Map – Solutions Exhchange
Map – Local Area around Moscone Center, San Francisco

Blogger/vExpert Info

vExperts at VMworld
Blogging at VMworld
Official VMworld blog
vExpert Booth Schedule at VMworld (Private link)


VMworld Social Media Links
VMworld 2009 Meals
Location of Labs
Sponsors & Exhibitors

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Vendor Announcement Links

Release: Catbird vCompliance, A Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Service for Virtual and Cloud Environments
Vizioncore Debuts vOptimizer WasteFinder as Freeware
Vizioncore Offers vConverter SC and vControl Multi-Hypervisor Management as Freeware
VMware and HP continue to innovate systems management
Dell and VMware Broaden Partnership to Help Organizations Easily Implement Virtualization Capabilities From the Desktop to the Datacenter
Lenovo and VMware Expand ThinkServer Virtualization Capabilities

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Post-conference Links

Keynotes, new tech and Tweetups at VMworld 2009 (
CEO Notes from VMworld 2009 (IPM)
VMware won’t release its client hypervisor before H1 2010 (
VMworld 2009 Wrap Up: Lost in San Francisco (Mental Ward)
Looking Back on VMworld — The Good, The Bad (Everyday Virtualization)
VMworld 2009: The Big Picture from an EMC perspective (Virtual Geek)
My VMworld 2009 Experience (vCritical)
VMworld 2009 Aftermath (Virtually Insane)
VMworld 2009: Final Thoughts (Knudt blog)
After VMworld, VMware still has to prove they “get” desktops. 13 questions about their desktop strategy they need to answer. (Brian Madden)
Cool vendor demos and conversations from the VMworld 2009 exhibit hall (Brian Madden)
VMworld 2009 conference recap (SearchServerVirtualization)
My very late VMworld summary (Calvin Zito)
VMworld 2009: The Future of Virtualization: Mobile Phone to the Cloud (RTFM Education)

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Best of VMworld Awards Links

Best of VMworld Nomination Form’s VMworld 2009 winners
VMworld 2009 – Best of Show Winner Hytrust (video)
Virtualization innovators vie for Best of VMworld 2009 Awards
Best of VMworld Awards video interviews
Judging the Best of VMworld awards
The process behind judging the Best of VMworld awards

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Miscellaneous Links

VMworld 2009 Conference Discussion
Run the Golden Gate bridge
VMworld Golden Gate Run Sign-up
Announcing the VMworld 2009 Portrait Project (LaToga Labs)
VMworld 2009 San Francisco vPhotowalks (LaToga Labs)
VMworld 2009 – Conference Bag and Goodies (TechHead)
A brush with fame during VMworld 2009 (SearchServerVirtualization)
VMWorld 2009: VMware and Cisco support distance VMotion (SearchServerVirtualization)
Notes on Some VMworld Vendor Meetings (Scott Lowe)
Some Additional VMworld Vendor Meetings (Scott Lowe)
Excerpts from my VMworld 2009 vExpert presentation (By The Bell)
VMworld 2009: Day 2: Boob/Booth Babes (RTFM Education)
Standout VMworld Products (Mental Ward)
VMworld 2009 – The Booths (The VM Guy)
VMworld 2009 by the numbers (The VM Guy)
VMworld 2009 Booth Talk – NetApp Rapid Clone Utility (VM/ETC)
VMworld 2009 Booth Talk – esXpress 3.6 Backs Up ESX VMs without VCB (VM/ETC)
VMworld 2009 Virtual Infrastructure Design – Lab Manager vPODS Enable Conference Cloud (VM/ETC)
VMworld 2009 Booth Talk – Trend Micro Solutions Secure Virtual Servers (VM/ETC)
VMworld 2009 Booth Talk – Vizioncore’s Free P2V/V2V, VM Management, and VMDK Alignment Utilities (VM/ETC)
VMware licenses RTO’s Profile Management technology for use in future VDI products (Brian Madden)
VMworld 2009 – Total number of VMs deployed was over 41000 (
9 Hot Security Products At VMworld (ChannelWeb)
VMware says Microsoft ‘shenanigans’ led to new VMworld restrictions (Network World)

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Multimedia Links


VMworld 2009 Sunday Night Warm Up Extravaganza Party at Thirsty Bear (Latoga Labs)
VMworld 2009 in pictures (vmjason)
Viktor van den Berg – VMworld 2009 Pictures
HyperIP’s Photostream
VMworld 2009 – Day 1 in Pictures (TechHead)
Hello My VMworld 2009 Photos (VM/ETC)
VMworld 2009: Foreigner Concert Photos online (VMdamentals)
VMworld 2009: ICE sculpting pictures online! (VMdamentals)
VMworld 2009 – The Booths (The VM Guy)
VMworld 2009: The Parties (Virtual Geek)
VMworld 2009 Photo Highlights (


Tech Target VMworld 2009 Video Library

John Troyer’s Ustream recorded video interviews

Ustream recorded video interview main page
#1 – Hello VMworld (John Troyer)
#2 – TechExchangeDeveloperDay (Pablo Roesch)
#3 – Roundtable vExperts (Eric Siebert, Rich Brambley, Bob Plankers, Steve Tanner)
#4 – SRM (Josh Liebster)
#5 – VMworldTV and VMware Europe (Richard Garsthagen, Douglas Phillips)
#6 – (Colin Steele, Alex Barrett)
#7 – VMUGs, Partners, Labs (Virgil, Brian Knudtson, Lew Smith)
#8 – Day 1 Commentary, vCloud Express, Booth Babes (Hannah Drake, Gabe Van Zanten, Simon Seagrave, Dominic Rivera)
#9 – Day 1 comments: vCloud APIs, VIew, VMware Go (Joep Piscaer, Sven Huisman, Jase McCarty, Johan Van Zanten)
#10 – Andres Martinez (Andres Martinez)
#11 – vSphere 4.0 Quickstart Guide (Thomas Bryant)
#12 – Client Virtualization Platform (Robert Baseman)
#13 – vCloud Express, vCloud API (Kirti Dewan)
#14 – vStorage APIs, vCalendar (Doug Hazelman)
#15 – vCloud API (Ticho Tenev)
#16 – 5-step plan for moving to the cloud & Springsource (Rod Haywood)
#17 – Brian Madden & Gabe Knuth (Brian Madden, Gabe Knuth)

VMworld TV

VMworld TV YouTube channel
VMworld 2009 – Best of Show Winner Hytrust

VMworld 2009 – Building the event Datacenter
VMworld 2009 – The Verbal Tweet Round 4 & Looking to the Cloud
VMworld 2009 – Highlights day 0, new VMware branding and new VMware GO product
VMworld 2009 – What is it like to design a 700+ server datacenter that is used for one week only
VMworld 2009 – Create a VM in a minute for $1-a-day hosted in the cloud on VMware
VMworld 2009 – PCoIP, mobile virtualization, long distance vmotion… Steve Herrod explains
VMworld 2009 – Running VMware View / RDP sessions on your iPhone with the wyse Pocket Cloud client
VMworld 2009 – Eat your own dog food; Using VMware to create VMware environments
VMworld 2009 – VMsafe status update from Check Point, Trend Micro and Altor Networks
VMworld 2009 – VMware demonstrates PCoIP
VMworld 2009 – The Verbal Tweet
VMworld 2009 – The Verbal Tweet: Round 2
VMworld – The Verbal Tweet Round 3
VMworld 2009 – The Verbal Tweet Round 4 & Looking to the Cloud

Virtual Strategy Magazine

Jon Toor of Xsigo – and Eric Novikoff of PrimaCloud at VMworld 2009
Ahmet Houssein and Robert Napaa of VirtenSys at VMworld 2009
Seanodes – part 1 – VMworld 2009
Seanodes – part 2 – VMworld 2009
Seanodes – part 3 – VMworld 2009
Pivot3 – VMworld 2009
Mike Neil – Microsoft General Manager of Virtualization Services
Chris Farey – StorMagic at VMworld 2009
Parmeet Chaddha of Pano Logic at VMworld 2009
Eran Farajun of Asigra – VMworld 2009
HP Panel Part 1 – VMworld 2009
HP Panel Part 2 – VMworld 2009
HP Panel Part 3 – VMworld 2009
HP Panel Part 4 – VMworld 2009
On the Floor at VMworld 2009 – FastScale
On the Floor at VMworld 2009 – Netronome
On the Floor at VMworld 2009 – VMlogix
On the Floor at VMworld 2009 – Interphase Systems
On the Floor at VMworld 2009 – Hyper9
On the Floor at VMworld 2009 – FalconStor
On the Floor at VMworld 2009 – Embotics
On the Floor at VMworld 2009 – F5 Networks
Martin Ingram AppSense VMworld 2009

TechHead Interviews

VMworld 2009 – VMDoug from Veeam Software
VMworld 2009 Video Interview: Gabe –
VMworld 2009 Video Interview: Scott Lowe (Virtualization Pro & Author)
VMworld 2009 Video Interview: Rick Scherer (
VMworld 2009 Video Interview: Carter Shanklin – PowerCLI Guru
VMworld 2009 – TechHead interview with Edward Haletky. Author & Virtualization Security Expert
VMworld 2009 – TechHead interview with Jason Boche. Also, vCalendar competition!

Musings of Rodos

VMworld 2009 Hello Freedom
VMworld 2009 Day 1 Video Summary
VMworld 2009 Day 2 Video Summary
VMworld 2009 Day 3 Video Summary
Tyler invites you to Liquidware Labs
Mastering vSphere 4 book signing

VMworld Party

VMworld 2009 – Goofyness at the VMware Party (MarkKropf)
Party beginning at VMworld 2009 (brazzetd)
Foreigner at VMworld 2009 (Opening with Double Vision) (dirflash)
Foreigner at Vmworld 2009 (Head Games) (dirflash)
Foreigner at VMworld 2009 (Jukebox Hero – Pt. 1) (dirflash)
Foreigner at VMworld 2009 (Jukebox Hero – Pt. 2) (dirflash)
Foreigner at VMworld 2009 (I Want To Know What Love Is) (dirflash)
Foreigner at VMworld 2009 (Hot Blooded) (dirflash)
Foreigner – Double Vision (720p) (brazzetd)
Foreigner – Cold As Ice (720p) (brazzetd)
Foreigner – Feels Like the First Time (720p) (brazzetd)
Foreigner – Jukebox Hero (720p) (brazzetd)
Foreigner – Drum Solo (720p) (brazzetd)
Foreigner – Hot Blooded (720p) (brazzetd)
DJ Ravi @ VMWorld 2009
Mustang Sally – Elastic Sky Live – Opening for Foreigner at VMworld 2009 (vittorioviarengo)
Message in a Bottle – Elastic Sky Live – Opening for Foreigner at VMworld 2009 (vittorioviarengo)

Cisco Data Center

VMworld 2009 – Cisco Daily Blogger Techminute – Day 1
VMworld 2009 – Cisco Daily Blogger Techminute – Day 2
VMworld 2009 – Cisco Daily Blogger Techminute – Day 3
VMworld 2009 – A large Data Center based on Cisco Unified Computing Systems

Chad Sakac

VMworld 2009: Long Distance VMotion Demonstration
VMworld 2009: EMC RSA DLP integration with VMsafe, vShield Zones and Nexus 1000v Demo (SS5240)
VMworld 2009: VM-Aware Storage
VMworld 2009: EMC Ionix Server Configuration Manager integration with VMware
VMworld 2009: EMC Fully Automated Storage Tiering (FAST)
VMworld 2009: EMC Ionix Data Center Insight (DCI) Demonstration
VMworld 2009: RSA Authentication integration with VMware View and DLP
VMworld 2009: “Twas the night before Christmas…”
VMworld 2009: Post TA3105 Part2
VMworld 2009: Post TA3105 Part1
VMworld 2009 – The floor from an EMC Perspective

NetEx Software

VMundergound Sunday Night Extravaganza-NetEx’s HyperIP
VMworld 2009 Day 1 – NetEx’s HyperIP
VMworld 2009 Day 2 – NetEx’s HyperIP
VMworld 2009 – Day 3 / Hello Party / Foreigner – NetEx’s HyperIP

Glasshouse Technologies

Scott Herold of Quest on Cloud Computing @ VMworld 2009
Siki Giunta from fortisphere discusses Cloud Computing @ VMworld 2009
Michael Baum of Splunk discusses Cloud Computing @ VMworld 2009
GlassHouse talks to Rick Clark from Aptare about Cloud Computing @ VMworld 2009
Ron Oglesby on Cloud Computing VMworld 2009
GlassHouse/SGI @ VMWorld 2009

Interviews with Simon Crosby at VMworld

VMworld 2009: Citrix blames VMware of anticompetitive actions (techpulse360)
VMworld 2009: Citrix says Xen Server is worth $500 million (techpulse360)
Citrix News at VMworld 2009 (techpulse360)
Citrix vs VMware (techpulse360)
VMware 2009: Citrix strategy in desktop virtualisation (techpulse360)


Live from the Moscone Center in San Fransico (
VMworld 2009 vExpert meetup with Stephen Herrod (Eric Siebert)
Wyse demos iPhone virtualisation app PocketCloud (ITPROmagazine)
VMworld 5k (theriffels)
Virtual Datacenter Slideshow (txtechnonerd)
VMware’s Todd Muirhead (DellVlog)
VMworld 2009 GETO 30-second tour #1 (titaniumlegs)
VMworld 2009 GETO 30-second tour #2 (titaniumlegs)
VMworld 09 Tweetup (Virtual Lifestyle)
HP Storage Guy blogger at VMworld (Calvin Zito)
Run It with VMware Video Contest – Vote for Your Favorite Video! (
Brian Madden TV #17 – VMworld 2009 wrap-up: software PC-over-IP, client hypervisor, and RTO OEM (Brian Madden)
Brian Madden TV #18 – VMworld wrap-up #2 – Software-based PC-over-IP Super Show! (Brian Madden)
Virtually at VMworld (ZDNet)

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