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Cost of VMworld party bands 2017 edition

I did a post a few years ago that detailed the bands that have played at the VMworld party every year with an analysis of how much it would cost to hire those bands. I thought I would do an update to that and include the bands for VMworld 2016 & 2017. If you have not heard this years band is Blink-182 with Bleachers as the opening band who will be performing at the T-Mobile Arena. I’m not a huge fan of Blink-182 but I’m guessing most people that attend will like them.

I’ve been attending VMworld since 2008 and the official parties have always been a fun way to unwind for a bit and escape after a busy week of hard core virtualization. VMware has had a variety of different bands to play at the party over the years from 80’s rock bands to more modern bands, I haven’t really cared for the bands the last few years but that’s just my taste, which tends to be skewed to 80’s music.

VMware is a big company and certainly has the deep pockets needed to hire bigger name bands, after the bargain bands that have been playing at VMworld the last few years I was surprised to see VMware spend big again this year on bands. You might wonder how much does it cost to hire a real big name band (a lot), I did some digging and found out. Now if we price out the VMworld bands over the years we get this:

  • 2007 – Smash Mouth – $40K – $60K (Treasure Island)
  • 2008 – DJ & Tainted Love (cover band) – probably not a heck of a lot (cover band) (Las Vegas Speedway)
  • 2009 – Foreigner – $40K – $50K (Moscone)
  • 2010 – INXS – ? (prob under $100K) (Moscone)
  • 2011 – Killers – $500K (Venetian)
  • 2012 – Jon Bon Jovi & the Kings of Suburbia – $850K (Moscone)
  • 2013 – Train and Imagine Dragons – Train – $200K-$300K, Imagine Dragons – $400K – $600K (AT&T Park)
  • 2014 – The Black Keys – $975K (Yerba Buena Gardens)
  • 2015 – Neon Trees and Alabama Shakes – Neon Trees – $40K – $45K, Alabama Shakes – $90K – $125K (AT&T Park)
  • 2016 – Fall Out Boy – $100K – $150K, Capital Cities – $40K – $60K (Las Vegas Speedway)
  • 2017 – Blink-182 – $750K, Bleachers – ? (prob under $50K) (T-Mobile Arena)

From 2011 – 2014 VMware spent a considerable amount of money ($500K – $1million) on the musical entertainment for the VMworld party. In 2015 that totally dropped down to only $150K total, in 2016 it wasn’t much better at $200K total. This year VMware went big again with a total cost of around $800K. So while it’s great to see VMware increase their band spending to get more well known entertainment for attendees to enjoy I still hold out hope that one year I’ll see a band that is more to my musical taste.

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vLaunchPad updated with Top vBlog results

My vLaunchPad were I maintain the huge list of blogs and websites in the VMware universe is now completely up to date following the results of Top vBlog 2017. I moved a few of the prior top 10 blogs that did not participate this year to the top of the other blog list and highlighted them so they stood out. I also updated all the sidebar reference links and added some new ones. I’ll soon be updating the RSS import files for the Top 25/50/100 and also updating my Planet vSphere-land blog aggregator with the newly voted top 100 blogs.

If there any updates to blog links/rss/twitter just let me know. And if you have any links that would be worth highlighting in me link sidebar also let me know and I’ll add them.

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Get your party on at VMworld

VMworld is a great time to soak in everything you can possibly learn about virtualization from all the many sessions, booths and experts attending the show. It can literally be information overload and at the end of a long day you probably feel a bit mentally exhausted from it all. So what better way to unwind then hit the many parties that are thrown each night during the event. I thought I would highlight a few from the full list which you can view here. I always believe the parties are a great way to network after the event in a more relaxed setting and I am always thankful to the vendors that pay a lot of money to put these parties on without getting much in return from them.


  • 5:00-7:30pm – The official Welcome Reception – Don’t miss this one as it’s probably the best time to hit the Solutions Exchange, the vendors are all locked and loaded, fully staffed and ready to engage you. Of course having lots of free food and booze all around makes it even more attractive.
  • 7:00-10:00pm – The legendary VMunderground party – This year instead of being at the Nine Fine Irishman bar in the New York, New York casino it’s now at Beerhaus which is pretty much attached to New York, New York. I always enjoy this one as I can see many of my old friends all gathered in one place. Admission is $40 and you have to buy tickets in advance but hey it’s cheaper than a night on the town in Vegas and you get to meet a lot of vGeeks.
  • 7:30-9:30pm – VMUG Member Party – I missed last year’s VMUG party but I here it was great, damn you VMUG party for scheduling it the same time as VMunderground this year. Either attend this one or the other one or both, either way you can’t go wrong and are guaranteed to have a good time. It looks like they may have filled up but you can get on a wait list or just show up late and you might be able to get in.


  • 6:00-10:00pm – Cohesity at TopGolf – They’re back at again this year. I’ve never been much of a golfer, I used to play around a bit many years ago but I went to TopGolf for the first time last year and had a great time. If you’re not familiar with TopGolf it’s not what you think and you don’t have to be skilled to participate, think of it more like bowling with a golf club. An added bonus this year, if Rawlinson Rivera is there it’s sure to be a wild time.
  • 7:00-10:00pm – Journey to the Cloud Party – Zerto is joining with Nutanix to throw a great Cloud themed party featuring an awesome Journey tribute band. I heard last year their party was epic, so this one is at the top of my list to attend as I love Journey.


  • 4:30-6:00pm – Hall Crawl – Come on back to the Solutions Exchange for round 2, during the Hall Crawl certain vendors will have beer and drinks at their booth.
  • 7:00-10:00pm – vExpert Party at the Pinball Museum – Invite only party for vExperts, from mobsters last year to pinball this year, always a fun time as Pat Gelsinger is usually in attendance along with other VMware top brass and experts.
  • 6:30-8:30pm – HPE Rock Star Karaoke – This was fun last year, karaoke with a live rock band instead of one of those crappy machines at the House of Blues. Invitation only so stop by the HPE booth and see if you can get an invite or find me and I can probably get  you in.
  • 8:00-12:00pm – Veeam’s annual VMworld party – Consistently one of the best parties at VMworld, Veeam is a company that constantly gives back to the community and they go all out on their VMworld party, this is one you don’t want to miss. This year instead of being onsite at Mandalay it’s across the street at MGM at Hakkasan.


  • 7:30-10:30pm – The official VMworld party – Last year was at the LV Speedway, this year’s party is much closer at the T-Mobile arena which is right behind New York New York. Musical entertainment is Blink-182 this year, there hasn’t been a VMworld party band I’ve like in years but hey, free beer, free food and good times.
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Top vBlog 2017 Full Results

Here are the full results for Top vBlog 2017:


Rank = 2017 rank
Previous = 2016 rank
Change = # of position change from 2016
Total Points = Voting points + Post points + Pagespeed points
Total Votes = Total number of people who voted
Voting Points = Weighted points based on ranking (#1 vote = 12 pts, #2 vote = 11 pts…..#12 vote = 1 point)
#1 Votes = # of people that ranked blog as their #1
2016 Posts = total # of posts published on blog in 2016
Post Pts = (# of 2016 posts x 2) (400 max)
PS% = Google PageSpeed score (percent)
PS Pts = Google PageSpeed score % * 200 possible points

Voting Full Results:
BlogRankPreviousChangeTotal PointsTotal VotesVoting Points#1 Votes# 2016 postsPost PtsPS %PS Pts
Virtually Ghetto (William Lam)1216985738663919310320670%140
ESX Virtualization (Vladan Seget)264463052240686324040081%162
Cormac Hogan33045595044195439418888%176
Wahl Network (Chris Wahl)45135144343242355110285%170
Scott Lowe blog57231973972831178717496%192
vSphere-land (Eric Siebert)612626953842293611222489%178
Virtual Geek (Chad Sakac)71142538367225886913871%142 (Eric Sloof)88023892941929919939831%62
The IT Hollow (Eric Shanks)9231421362541764329118295%190
VMGuru (Various)1018820302911784167915844%88
VCDX133 (Rene Van Den Bedem)111981935220171530244886%172
Derek Seaman's Blog1210-2187527316917173475%150
Punching Clouds (Rawlinson)131631753231151333357085%170
VCDX56 (Magnus Andersson)1415117282101380148416890%180
Cody Hosterman1554391715194147541469274%148
vMiss (Melissa Palmer)1630141670220146210244880%160
vNinja (Christian Mohn)17271015722051246187715486%172
My Virtual Cloud (Andre Leibovici)1814-41498206125417397883%166
Virtualization is Life! (Anthony Spiteri)194425142016510421512324666%132
Long White Virtual Clouds (Webster)2013-7137420112287173456%112
Virtual Jad (Jad El-Zein)213312135218311848153069%138 (Florian Grehl)2240181350174103427314685%170
vInfrastructure Blog (Andrew Mauro)233181332151914513627273%146
Professional VMware (Cody Bunch)2422-213031671043711122219%38
DiscoPosse (Eric Wright)2539141237146985146312663%126
VM Blog (David Marshall)26603412311116851225540073%146
TinkerTry (Paul Braren)27593212191117451115531082%164
Justin's IT Blog284214118416697813387665%130
CloudXC (Josh Odgers)2917-12116614493075310665%130
Jorge de la Cruz Mingo30NEWNEW1112846142015831691%182
Notes from MWhite (Michael White)313871080108642213226487%174
Aprendiendo a Virtualizar321861541063986271413426884%168
Tayfun Deger3358251047806552012424872%144
vXpress (Sunny Dua)34351100512877185110266%132 (Steve Flanders)354611997100659107515094%188 (Viktor van den Berg)3634-29671367897479442%84
Around the Storage Block (Calvin Zito)3736-195770477223540040%80
41) Virtual To The Core (Luca Dell'Oca)384139271116952367280%160
2 Ninjas 1 Blog (Manley/Colyer)3928-119231207397275465%130
My Virtual Vision (Kees Baggerman)4025-159111136993132693%186
NoLabNoParty (Paolo Valsecchi)41571690373587237615282%164
Homelaber Brasil (Valdecir Carvalho)4224820690069552199619278%156 (Wojciech Marusiak)435078788063013306094%188
vZilla (Michael Cade)44120768711096459275486%172
Michelle Laverick4529-168541106621153081%162
Running-System (A. Lesslhumer)464938527856265811687%174
vTagion (Brian Graf)47134878411006315316274%148
Tim's Tech Thoughts (Tim Smith)4810052837925835326495%190
Elastic Sky (Paul McSharry)49DNQDNQ8371086278142891%182
Tom Fojta's Blog506717817966155234678%156
GestaltIT (Various)5122617581642256121540080%160
Sysadmit (Xavier Genestos)5219714581551333215831683%166
IT Blood Pressure (Dwayne Lessner)5320-33808975982499856%112
Blog VMware (Leandro Ariel Leonhardt)54144908007154675210475%150
Enterprise Daddy (Adil Arif)55NEWNEW79765505167515071%142
Rob Beekmans56812579576555135010070%140
WoodITWork (Julian Wood)571176078811456855410856%112
Virtuwise (Angelo Luciani)5832-26781995954102083%166
Architecting IT (Chris Evans)5971127679752718416836%72
mwpreston dot net (Mike Preston)6045-157657849145811679%158
TechniCloud (Rebecca Fitzhugh)61NEWNEW752815802193867%134 (Manfred Hofer)627917751975171244893%186
CloudFix (Various)6343-20749775036244899%198
vJenner Blog (Kyle Jenner)641639974362449146212485%170
Virtualize Tips (Brian Suhr)6526-397421216201102051%102
Matt That IT Guy (Matt Crape)662231577146540626513089%178
The SLOG (Simon Long)678619705965451102070%140
Mastering VMware (Mayur Parmar)68NEWNEW70348255013827686%172
Michael Ryom69290221701624732306084%168
24x7 IT Connection (Theresa Miller)71NEWNEW7017745927915842%84
Virtualization How To (Brandon Lee)72NEWNEW69144217115330684%168
Planet VM (Tom Howarth)737306878543105811670%140
VM To Cloud (Ryan Kelly)74NEWNEW6826439026713479%158
Storage Soup (Tech Target)751234867936193017835665%130
VMware Insight (Pranay Jha)76NEWNEW67669488146713427%54
I wish I could be a VM (B. Ulsamer)778476686849210214267%134
My Cloud Revolution (Markus Kraus)78152746645733077815689%178
Virtualization The Future (Ranjna Aggarwal)79NEWNEW65433228917334640%80
doOdzZZ's Notes (Abdullah Abdullah)809515653654997204057%114
VMware Guruz (Sateesh Thupakula)811466565257402165110274%148
Tekhead (Alex Galbraith)82106246446237866212471%142
Marius Sandbu IT blog831911086414429339919875%150
VMware Arena (Mohammed Raffic)841314763877456155511036%72
vLenzker (Fabian Lenz)859496305941210418268%136
StorageIO (Greg Schulz)8610519628653702469283%166
Solutions4Crowds (Ricardo Conzatti)87NEWNEW6254537512367289%178
DBigCloud (Daniel Romero Sanchez)88136486255541114214286%172
Let's Virtualize (Kanishk Sethi)89103146043925839619277%154
VMware Minds (Anjani Kumar)90900604684306285659%118
Rimmergram (Jane Rimmer)9118190599624071204076%152
vSphere Arena (Ritesh Shenoy)92NEWNEW596734161336657%114
The Saffa Geek (Gregg Robertson)93996588703923306068%136
SOS Tech (Josh Andrews)9412531586593821183684%168
Virtual Red-dot (Iwan Rahabok)9577-18580643541438670%140
vTimD (Tim Davis)9619599579874170204061%122
VMFocus (Craig Kilborn)97239142568583361285688%176
vDrone (Laurens van Duijn)98119215673222747615294%188 (Davoud Teimouri)992321335611885115230486%172
Why Is the Internet Broken (J. Parisi)10085-155604430227515054%108
vNugget (Salah)101NEWNEW559683330275486%172 (Cedric Quillevere)10225415255727203412124256%112
Define Tomorrow (Barry Coombs)103NEWNEW5553119319819683%166
VMware & Veeam Blog (Karel Novak)10415046550814923132616%32
All About Virtualization (Akmal Waheed)10512419548613340346873%146 (Dan Frith)10678-28545483174469268%136
David Hill10714740543603591122480%160
Just Another IT Blog (Eduardo Meirelles)1082811735434532512326477%154
Blah Cloud (Myles Gray)10911345436341111234643%86
Mike Tabor11083-27537523132275485%170
vHojan (Johan van Amersfoort)111107-4534463244255080%160
By The Bell (Steve Kaplan)11248-645286140610193842%84
FlackBox (Neil Anderson)113NEWNEW526482760397886%172
vSphere World (Pratheesh K)114NEWNEW521633451367252%104
Virtual 10 (Manny Sidhu)11582-33520442680326494%188
All Things Cloud (Steven Cortez)11612711519523051102097%194
CloudManiac (Romain Decker)1171181519563634132665%130
VMwaretv (Cahit Yolacan)118108-105194733525110241%82
Storage Mojo (Robin Harris)11989-305174322305911888%176
DefinIT (Sam McGeown/Simon Eady)1202781585124124416312671%142
BK's Data Centre (Ben King)12115736507473150234673%146
The Virtual Horizon (Sean Massey)12264-58506533340234663%126
vFrank (Frank Brix Pedersen)123DNQDNQ504553544112264%128
vTechnology Notes (S. Grugel)124318194503523091397858%116
V-IT.PRO (Kev Johnson)125241116502512862183690%180
D8TA Dude (Richard Arnold)12666-60502502721397876%152
Proudest Monkey (Grant Orchard)12793-34501533410112269%138
vCloudnine (Patrick Terlisten)128171435003118616412893%186
VMware Hub (Altaro)129NEWNEW4984729425511047%94
VMNet Brasil (Fernando Teixeira Silva)130NEWNEW496453208122476%152
Virtual Maestro (Abhijeet Deshmukh)131NEWNEW49525155110521065%130
CloudVM (Sean Torres)132NEWNEW482493101142872%144
IT 2.0 (Massimo Re Ferre)133DNQDNQ480512740102093%186
vWannabe (Javier Rodriguez)134NEWNEW479633355142858%116
DCIG Blog (Various)1352681334783120205010088%176
The Cloud Xpert (Christopher Lewis)136NEWNEW4774222316813659%118
Stephen Foskett, Pack Rat13780-5747168425321422%4
vPirate (Abhilash HB)138258120468462843122480%160
Kendrick Coleman13963-76468583400102054%108
Demitasse (Alastair Cooke)14016828467422610336670%140
vTricks (Patrick Schulz)14117534465723490142844%88
Scott Bollinger14216927463512590275475%150
Virtualb (Benjamin Troch)14347-96462573001163265%130
VMexplorer (Matt Mancini)144302158458402904173467%134
Thom Greene145NEWNEW456342143326489%178
Rodrigo Lira146NEWNEW456492801357053%106 (Steve Wood)14720457455492371346875%150
Pedro Calixto148NEWNEW454412800132674%148
Ather Beg's Useful Thoughts (Ather Beg)149142-7452362341224487%174
Cosonok's IT Blog (David Cookson)1502911414501811609018077%154
Andy Nash15192-59448442542234674%148
Pro Virtual Zone (Luciano Patrao)152NEWNEW447332255397872%144 (Chris Green)15398-55443442250244885%170
Mind The Virtualization(J. Schwoebel)15472-82442493385173435%70
Ravi IT Blog (Ravi Kumar)155115-40441432491173479%158
IT Should Just Work (Chris Bradshaw)156261105439402232448864%128
Technodrone (Maish)15791-66439522930102063%126
I'm all Virtual (Lior Kamrat)158DNQDNQ438482520285665%130
Virtual Village (Pawel Piotrowski)159NEWNEW437241530459097%194
VMscribble (Matt Menkowski)160NEWNEW437332032204097%194
Virtual Allan (Allan Kjaer)161184234351910308216484%168
SafeKom Blog (Michal Iwanczuk)162NEWNEW428281809469278%156
Great White Technologies (Dave Morera)16323572427472690224457%114
ITQ Blog164145-19427452933193848%96
Educational Center (Dean Lewis)165207424274332312112241%82
VMware Training & Certification (S. Vessey)1661748426422220163286%172
Cloud Architect Musings (Kenneth Hui)167149-18425331950295886%172
vSpace (Parthasarathi)168312144425422252183682%164
The Virtualist (The Virtualist team)169122-47425342192244879%158
David Stamen1701700424322102153092%184
vCallaway (Matt Callaway)171NEWNEW4242010828416874%148
GeekFluent (Dave Henry)17220129424422201469256%112
Blue Gears (Edward Haletky)17326693420382281102086%172
Pragmatic IO (Brett Sinclair)174153-21418292226122486%172
Ivo Beerens175133-42416482380183671%142
My VMworld (Noham Medyouni)17621741415453219132634%68
The Virtual Unknown (Anthony Poh)177161-164142212025811689%178
All About VMware (BhanuPrakash)178NEWNEW414382161132686%172
Chris Colotti's Blog17974-105411472290255066%132
Virtual Chris (Chris Chua)180167-13410261600316294%188
Virtually Boring (Daniel Boring)18120322410322141234675%150
Default Reasoning (Marek Zdrojewski)182151-31409301811224492%184
Transform or Die (Gina Rosenthal)183NEWNEW408432580418234%68
Virtualised Fruit (Gareth Edwards)184NEWNEW406251620469276%152
Vroom Blog (Fouad El Akkad/Alban Lecorps)185275904044421225210444%88
Victor Virtualization (Victor Wu)186NEWNEW4031787010220456%112
Tecnologias Aplicadas (Patricio Cerda)187320133400362204214269%138 (Giuliano Bertello)18822840399382473122464%128
Settlersoman (Mariusz Kaczorek)189101-88396241442448882%164
Virtual Tassie (Matt Allford)190NEWNEW392291701234688%176
Zero to Hero (Saadallah Chebaro)191NEWNEW392723128112229%58
Adventures in a Virtual World (P. Grevink)192111-81391341810193886%172
VMware Brasil (Tiago Martinez)193NEWNEW388432461153056%112
Kamshin (Max Mortillaro)194NEWNEW387251411428481%162
Virtual Elephant (Chris Mutchler)195187-8382201240377492%184
Ray On Storage (Ray Lucchesi)19622933382361760377466%132
Plain Virtualization (Wee Kiong Tan)19788-109372231321255095%190
Blog about the Infrastructure (Deepaj)198NEWNEW372291740142885%170
vDestination (Greg Stuart)199158-41372352388102057%114
IT Diversified (Bryan Krausen)200112-88370381960163271%142 (Mark Ukotic)201179-22369241596142891%182
M80ARM - Virt. Warrior (M. Armstrong)202308106369261812132681%162
VMware Front Experience (A. Peetz)203141-62369342091102070%140
There Be Dragons (Dee Abson)204165-39368261240316291%182
VMware Thiru (Thirukumaran)205NEWNEW368382201204054%108
I Think Virtual (Alex Lopez)206NEWNEW367341710102088%176
My Virtual Journey (Nisar Ahmad)207NEWNEW366392181173457%114
50 mu (Rob Koper)208121-87365382472173442%84
Virtualization Blog (Shabbir Ahmed)20925546364341600255077%154 (David Pasek)2102100361221350336680%160
Storagebod (Martin Glassborow)21128271361311931102074%148
RNelson0 (Rob Nelson)212140-72356261141428479%158
Virtual Story (Michael Peres)213NEWNEW353261510326469%138 (Wouter Kursten)214NEWNEW352271720204070%140
Got Dedupe? (Eric Hagstrom)21528570348271660204071%142
vCrooky (James Cruickshank)2162182348251806183666%132
JBcomp (James Brown)21722710348341920132665%130 (Frank Milisi)218NEWNEW342321480163281%162 (Jim Jomes)2192190342322062153053%106
vMustard (Martin Riley)220NEWNEW336331881142860%120 (Gosselin Olivier)221NEWNEW333211371234675%150
vInception (Kammoun/Zecevic)222NEWNEW333198725711466%132
Daily Hypervisor (Sid Smith)223200-23333281430387657%114
Glick's Gray Matter (Neil Glick)22451-173328201060234688%176
Mind Judo (Laurens van Gunst)22525328328281901102059%118
That Virtual Boy (Ryan Klumph)226NEWNEW326231441142877%154
UP2V (Marcel van den Berg)22724619323191190377465%130
Virtual Lifestyle (Joep Piscaer)228DNQDNQ322382022153045%90
Notes of A Scripter (Stuart Yerdon)229132-97321191131224482%164
Everything Should Be Virtual (L. Smith)23029262321211250214277%154
Corey & Associates (Michael Corey)231NEWNEW31816780499871%142
StorageDiva's Tablespace (Sheryl Koenigsberg)232NEWNEW317211190142885%170
Virtual Me (Joseph Griffiths)233192-41315271672142860%120
vDelboy's View (Dale Carter)23427137313181151234676%152
MindMelt (Jurgen Allewijn)235NEWNEW312211320255065%130
Virtual Management (Marco Giuricin)23628347311231130224477%154
ITuda (Lieven D'hoore)23728952305171050102090%180
Piszki Lab (Piotr Pisz)238138-100303251431132667%134
Virt ES ()239199-40302221261142874%148
Let's V4Real (Chestin Hay)240NEWNEW302251322132672%144
vCloud Info (Carlo Costanzo)24131372300381941183635%70
vHersey (Hersey Cartwright)242166-7629920930336670%140
VM Spot (Matt Bradford)24331067299351890122443%86
Build Virtual (Ian Walker)2442528297181110214272%144
Zsoldier's Tech Blog (K. Chris Nakagaki?)245NEWNEW295411250142871%142
Techbrainblog (Ganesh Sekarbabu)2463096329118770346873%146
vHorizon (Dale Scriven)247180-6729013660214291%182
vInsideOut (Puneet Arora)248NEWNEW29011700193891%182
Virtual Gyaan (Ganesh Sharma)249NEWNEW28815721163292%184
Behind the Tech Wall (Shellie Treat)250NEWNEW288281620132650%100
Stankowic development251240-11285148105010052%104
Come Lo Feci (Pietro Aiolfi)252185-67282261380112261%122
The Lower Case W (Ben Liebowitz)253249-4282251420112259%118
Virtualising Middle Earth (C. Prentice)254NEWNEW28110451377481%162 (Wilco van Bragt)255NEWNEW279221252102067%134
vSkilled (Karl Nyen)25631559277442030102027%54
Jonathan Medd's Blog257213-44277321790265223%46
vGeek (Kunal Udapi)258137-121272351540163243%86 (Joao castro)259NEWNEW271201290122459%118
Techazine (Philip Sellers)26027414271211472102052%104
VM At Work (Matthieu Gioia)261NEWNEW269191132234655%110
Inspired By Digital Tech (S. Kaushik)26231452266271360102055%110
vAddicted (Raffaello Poltronieri)263233-30263221130102065%130
ValCo Labs (Josh Coen)264DNQDNQ261221470122445%90
Virtual Sketchpad (Luis Ayuso)2652841925317790102077%154
Virtual Notions (Derek Hennessy)26629832253211210255041%82
Virtualisatieadvies (Eelco de Boer)267263-424513710102077%154
Virtual Brakeman (Tim Hynes)268242-2624516950132662%124
Virtual Fabric (Chris Beckett)26929324242261320234632%64
Virtual Admin Notes (Anton Zhbankov)270212-5824117990112260%120
Vipin V.K.271251-20222191260204028%56
Hyaking Tech (Hyaking)272NEWNEW19933179010200%0
Marc-Andre Labelle273NEWNEW17315790112236%72
Category Full Results:
Favorite Female BloggerVotes
vMiss/24x7 IT Connection (Melissa Palmer)278
2 Ninjas 1 Blog (Amy Manley)198
TechniCloud (Rebecca Fitzhugh)135
24x7 IT Connection (Theresa Miller)107
Rimmergram (Jane Rimmer)99
Transform or Die//24x7 IT Connection (Gina Rosenthal)65
StorageDiva's Tablespace (Sheryl Koenigsberg)62
Behind the Tech Wall (Shellie Treat)57
Define Tomorrow (Megan Warren)54
Exchange Goddess/24x7 IT Connection (Phoummala Schmitt)54
Textrovert (Liselotte Foverskov)39
Other/Not Listed286
Favorite Non-English BlogVotes
vInfrastructure Blog (Andrew Mauro)162
Homelaber Brasil (Valdecir Carvalho)104
Tayfun Deger96
Aprendiendo a Virtualizar92
My VMworld (Noham Medyouni)85
I wish I could be a VM (B. Ulsamer)83
VMware & Veeam Blog (Karel Novak)79
VMNet Brasil (Fernando Teixeira Silva)51
Solutions4Crowds (Ricardo Conzatti)48
DBigCloud (Daniel Romero Sanchez)41
Rodrigo Lira33
SafeKom Blog (Michal Iwanczuk)28
Pedro Calixto26
Other/Not Listed438
Favorite Scripting/Automation BlogVotes
Virtually Ghetto (William Lam)302
Wahl Network (Chris Wahl)112
The IT Hollow (Eric Shanks)92
VMware Insight (Pranay Jha)66
Virtual Jad (Jad El-Zein)65
All About VMware (BhanuPrakash)61
DBigCloud (Daniel Romero Sanchez)44
VM To Cloud (Ryan Kelly)39
My Cloud Revolution (Markus Kraus)38
The Cloud Xpert (Christopher Lewis)36
vTagion (Brian Graf)34 (Wouter Kursten)33
Jonathan Medd's Blog30
The Lower Case W (Ben Liebowitz)30
Pragmatic IO (Brett Sinclair)25
Notes of A Scripter (Stuart Yerdon)21
vHersey (Hersey Cartwright)8
Other/Not Listed201
Favorite Storage BlogVotes
Cormac Hogan270
ESX Virtualization (Vladan Seget)117
Virtual Geek (Chad Sakac)86
Cody Hosterman79
Architecting IT (Chris Evans)61
Punching Clouds (Rawlinson)61
StorageIO (Greg Schulz)56
Around the Storage Block (Calvin Zito)46
VCDX56 (Magnus Andersson)44
My Virtual Cloud (Andre Leibovici)36
IT Blood Pressure (Dwayne Lessner)34
50 mu (Rob Koper)33
Ray On Storage (Ray Lucchesi)31
Long White Virtual Clouds (Michael Webster)30
vInfrastructure Blog (Andrew Mauro)30
GeekFluent (Dave Henry)28
Why Is the Internet Broken (J. Parisi)27
Kamshin (Max Mortillaro)26
Virtual Village (Pawel Piotrowski)25 (Dan Frith)23
Pragmatic IO (Brett Sinclair)23
D8TA Dude (Richard Arnold)21
I wish I could be a VM (B. Ulsamer)17
Other/Not Listed190
Favorite New BlogVotes
24x7 IT Connection (Theresa Miller)166
Zero to Hero (Saadallah Chebaro)78
My Virtual Journey (Nisar Ahmad)62
Thom Greene55
Define Tomorrow (Barry Coombs)51
Mastering VMware (Mayur Parmar)51
The Cloud Xpert (Christopher Lewis)50
VMNet Brasil (Fernando Teixeira Silva)50
Blog VMware (Leandro Ariel Leonhardt)44
All About VMware (BhanuPrakash)40
Virtual Village (Pawel Piotrowski)37
Virtubytes (Ryan S.)37
vInsideOut (Puneet Arora)34 (Wouter Kursten)33
Pro Virtual Zone (Luciano Patrao)30
Virtualised Fruit (Gareth Edwards)30
SafeKom Blog (Michal Iwanczuk)28
Virtual Maestro (Abhijeet Deshmukh)28 (Frank Milisi)27
Virtual Tassie (Matt Allford)25
MindMelt (Jurgen Allewijn)24
Other/Not Listed369
Favorite PodcastVotes
vBrownBag (Cody Bunch & Crew)188
Virtually Speaking (P. Flecha/J. Nicholson)104
Datanauts Podcast (Chris Wahl/Drew Conry-Murray)100
Geek Whispers (Troyer/Brender/Lewis)91
Cut The Noise Podcast (Rene/Byron - Roundtower)84
VMware Communities Roundtable (Eric Nielsen)82
StorageIO (Greg Schulz)65
Veeam Community Podcast (Rick Vanover)62
Open TechCast (Gareth Edwards)51
Around the Storage Block (Calvin Zito - HPE)47
GC On-Demand Turbonomic (Eric Wright)41
Virtualization Security (Edward Haletky)41
Tech On Tap Podcast (Justin Parisi - NetApp)38
vSoup (Chris Dearden/Christian Mohn)31
The CloudCast (A. Delp & B. Gracely)29
In Tech We Trust Podcast (Farley/Poulton/Vanover/Chapman/De Leenheer)28
Other/Not Listed273
Favorite News/Information WebsiteVotes
The Register Virtualization News153
vSphere-land (Eric Siebert)138
Petri IT Knowledgebase94
VM Blog (David Marshall)72
Silicon Angle68
ComputerWorld Virtualization News65
Virtualization Admin64
CRN Virtualization News61
Tech Target's SearchServerVirtualization40
Virtualization Review40
ZDNet Virtualization News34
Define Tomorrow (Barry Coombs)33
Tech Target's SearchVMware32
InfoWorld Virtualization News31
Tech Target's SearchVirtualStorage25
The Virtualization Practice (Various)24
Network World Virtualization News21
Virtualization Software (Davis/Lowe)19
Virtual Strategy Magazine14
Other/Not Listed261
Favorite Independent BloggerVotes
ESX Virtualization (Vladan Seget)135
The IT Hollow (Eric Shanks)69
24x7 IT Connection (Theresa Miller)55
vNinja (Christian Mohn)45
Aprendiendo a Virtualizar38
Blah Cloud (Myles Gray)34
Homelaber Brasil (Valdecir Carvalho)32
My VMworld (Noham Medyouni)31
VMware Insight (Pranay Jha)29
VM Blog (David Marshall)26
Blog VMware (Leandro Ariel Leonhardt)25
StorageIO (Greg Schulz)25
Zero to Hero (Saadallah Chebaro)25
DBigCloud (Daniel Romero Sanchez)24
doOdzZZ's Notes (Abdullah Abdullah)23
Mike Tabor21
NoLabNoParty (Paolo Valsecchi)20
vLenzker (Fabian Lenz)20
I wish I could be a VM (B. Ulsamer)19
Educational Center (Dean Lewis)18
mwpreston dot net (Mike Preston)18
Running-System (A. Lesslhumer)17 (Dan Frith)16
vHojan (Johan van Amersfoort)16
GeekFluent (Dave Henry)14
Let's Virtualize (Kanishk Sethi)14
Tim's Tech Thoughts (Tim Smith)14
vInfrastructure Blog (Andrew Mauro)14
My Virtual Journey (Nisar Ahmad)13
The Cloud Xpert (Christopher Lewis)13
VMware Minds (Anjani Kumar)13
vPirate (Abhilash HB)13 (Frank Milisi)12
Michael Ryom12
vWannabe (Javier Rodriguez)12
IT Should Just Work (Chris Bradshaw)11 (Jim Jomes)11
Let's V4Real (Chestin Hay)11
Pro Virtual Zone (Luciano Patrao)11
SafeKom Blog (Michal Iwanczuk)11
VMware & Veeam Blog (Karel Novak)11
Kamshin (Max Mortillaro)10
Thom Greene10
Virtubytes (Ryan S.)10
D8TA Dude (Richard Arnold)9
vCloudnine (Patrick Terlisten)9
VMNet Brasil (Fernando Teixeira Silva)9
There Be Dragons (Dee Abson)8 (Wouter Kursten)7
Pedro Calixto6
Settlersoman (Mariusz Kaczorek)6
Virtual Tassie (Matt Allford)6
Pragmatic IO (Brett Sinclair)5
The Lower Case W (Ben Liebowitz)5
vMustard (Martin Riley)5
VMware Front Experience (A. Peetz)5
Virtual Village (Pawel Piotrowski)4
VMscribble (Matt Menkowski)4
Virtualising Middle Earth (C. Prentice)3
Virtual Maestro (Abhijeet Deshmukh)2
Other/Not Listed275
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Top vBlog 2017 Top 25 & Category results

Below are the results for the Top 25 vBlogs and Category winners that were revealed today. You can watch the recorded results show and the slide deck used is also available below. Full results will be published very soon!

BlogRankPreviousChangeTotal PointsTotal VotesVoting Points#1 Votes# 2016 postsPost Points (2 per post, 400 max)Google Pagespeed %Pagespeed Points 200 possible
Virtually Ghetto (William Lam)1216985738663919310320670%140
ESX Virtualization (Vladan Seget)264463052240686324040081%162
Cormac Hogan33045595044195439418888%176
Wahl Network (Chris Wahl)45135144343242355110285%170
Scott Lowe blog57231973972831178717496%192
vSphere-land (Eric Siebert)612626953842293611222489%178
Virtual Geek (Chad Sakac)71142538367225886913871%142 (Eric Sloof)88023892941929919939831%62
The IT Hollow (Eric Shanks)9231421362541764329118295%190
VMGuru (Various)1018820302911784167915844%88
VCDX133 (Rene Van Den Bedem)111981935220171530244886%172
Derek Seaman's Blog1210-2187527316917173475%150
Punching Clouds (Rawlinson)131631753231151333357085%170
VCDX56 (Magnus Andersson)1415117282101380148416890%180
Cody Hosterman1554391715194147541469274%148
vMiss (Melissa Palmer)1630141670220146210244880%160
vNinja (Christian Mohn)17271015722051246187715486%172
My Virtual Cloud (Andre Leibovici)1814-41498206125417397883%166
Virtualization is Life! (Anthony Spiteri)194425142016510421512324666%132
Long White Virtual Clouds (Webster)2013-7137420112287173456%112
Virtual Jad (Jad El-Zein)213312135218311848153069%138 (Florian Grehl)2240181350174103427314685%170
vInfrastructure Blog (Andrew Mauro)233181332151914513627273%146
Professional VMware (Cody Bunch)2422-213031671043711122219%38
DiscoPosse (Eric Wright)2539141237146985146312663%126


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Watch the Top vBlog 2017 Reveal livestream on 8/9 at 2:00pm EST

Read more about the big live reveal tomorrow in my previous post, the direct YouTube link to watch it live is here. Hope to see you there!

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Learn about VVol Replication online and at VMworld

The ability to use VVol replication is new in vSphere 6.5 and there aren’t a whole lot of vendors that support it yet. Right now HPE is the only vendor that supports it on their 3PAR & Nimble platforms. You can see for yourself who supports it by going to the VVols’s Compatability Guide and selecting “VVols Storage Replication” in the Features window. As with anything VVol’s related, it’s on each partner to design their own implementations of any array capabilities related to VVols while staying within VMware’s VASA specification. As a result every partner will typically have a much different way of integrating with VVols.

Take Nimble for example, they actually supported replication in vSphere 6.0 by building it into their storage policies as a capability. With vSphere 6.5, replication was added as a separate SPBM Component that could be attached to a storage policy, this is the way 3PAR is doing it. They both are a means to the same end but they were just designed and implemented a bit differently. While the replication part is fairly straightforward and is automated through storage policies, the recovery operations can be a bit complicated as you pretty much have to rely on PowerCLI scripts to perform operations such as failover, failback and test failover.

HPE and VMware have published a few resources to help you with this and provided you with some sample PowerCLI scripts to get you started. The scripts are fairly vendor agnostic so they could be leveraged by any storage platform that supports VVol replication. Below are the links to some resources that will help you understand and implement VVol replication. In addition if you are attending VMworld be sure and check out session [STO3305BUS]: Replicating VMware VVols: A technical deep dive into VVol array based replication in vSphere 6.5 were I’ll be presenting with some technical folks from 3PAR & Nimble to give you plenty of great information including demo’s on VVol replication. In addition there is a HOL (SPL182701U) were you can experience VVols  first hand.

VVol Replication resources:
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Watch the Top vBlog 2017 results show live on 8/9

Join myself along with special guests Eric Wright from Turbonomic and John Troyer from TechReckoning as we countdown the top 25 bloggers based on the results from my annual VMware/virtualization blog survey. This event will be broadcast via a live webinar at 11:00am PST on Wednesday August 9th and also saved to YouTube for later viewing. So don’t miss out on the fun and go sign up for a great event where we will be covering:

  • State of blogging today (Why, value, how to be successful at it, vExpert program)
  • History of Top vBlog
  • What’s new this year with Top vBlog
  • Scoring process and the importance of having a well designed blog
  • Top 25 Blogger countdown
  • Category winners
  • Closing comments

If you want to tweet about this event please use the hashtag #TopvBlog2017. And in case you missed it here’s some statistics on this year’s voting to get you ready for the results.

Of course all this wouldn’t be possible without the support of our official sponsor of Top vBlog 2017:

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