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Aug 09 2017

Top vBlog 2017 Top 25 & Category results

Below are the results for the Top 25 vBlogs and Category winners that were revealed today. You can watch the recorded results show and the slide deck used is also available below. Full results will be published very soon!

BlogRankPreviousChangeTotal PointsTotal VotesVoting Points#1 Votes# 2016 postsPost Points (2 per post, 400 max)Google Pagespeed %Pagespeed Points 200 possible
Virtually Ghetto (William Lam)1216985738663919310320670%140
ESX Virtualization (Vladan Seget)264463052240686324040081%162
Cormac Hogan33045595044195439418888%176
Wahl Network (Chris Wahl)45135144343242355110285%170
Scott Lowe blog57231973972831178717496%192
vSphere-land (Eric Siebert)612626953842293611222489%178
Virtual Geek (Chad Sakac)71142538367225886913871%142
NTPro.nl (Eric Sloof)88023892941929919939831%62
The IT Hollow (Eric Shanks)9231421362541764329118295%190
VMGuru (Various)1018820302911784167915844%88
VCDX133 (Rene Van Den Bedem)111981935220171530244886%172
Derek Seaman's Blog1210-2187527316917173475%150
Punching Clouds (Rawlinson)131631753231151333357085%170
VCDX56 (Magnus Andersson)1415117282101380148416890%180
Cody Hosterman1554391715194147541469274%148
vMiss (Melissa Palmer)1630141670220146210244880%160
vNinja (Christian Mohn)17271015722051246187715486%172
My Virtual Cloud (Andre Leibovici)1814-41498206125417397883%166
Virtualization is Life! (Anthony Spiteri)194425142016510421512324666%132
Long White Virtual Clouds (Webster)2013-7137420112287173456%112
Virtual Jad (Jad El-Zein)213312135218311848153069%138
Virten.net (Florian Grehl)2240181350174103427314685%170
vInfrastructure Blog (Andrew Mauro)233181332151914513627273%146
Professional VMware (Cody Bunch)2422-213031671043711122219%38
DiscoPosse (Eric Wright)2539141237146985146312663%126


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Jun 30 2016

Announcing Top vBlog 2016 Category winners!

Below are the winners of the individual voting categories for Top vBlog 2016, see my previous post for the Top 25 announcement. Full results coming soon!

Category Winners-2016-crop

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Jun 30 2016

Announcing the Top vBlog 2016 results

Congrats to all! I will be publishing the category winners later today and the full results very soon. If you haven’t watched the results show you can watch it here.

BlogRankPreviousChangeTotal VotesTotal Points#1 Votes
Yellow Bricks (Duncan Epping)1105444846112
Virtually Ghetto (William Lam)2205314723108
Cormac Hogan330403305417
Frank Denneman blog440320228115
Wahl Network (Chris Wahl)561350227025
ESX Virtualization (Vladan Seget)6137298224433
Scott Lowe blog75-234922269
NTPro.nl (Eric Sloof)891300194725
Virtu-al (Alan Renouf)910132419344
Derek Seaman's Blog107-3255172517
Virtual Geek (Chad Sakac)118-329516527
vSphere-land (Eric Siebert)12120248158216
Long White Virtual Clouds (Webster)1311-2214153917
My Virtual Cloud (Andre Leibovici)14140230147215
VCDX56 (Magnus Andersson)15172236143112
Punching Clouds (Rawlinson)1618221813889
CloudXC (Josh Odgers)1715-2189134224
VMGuru (Various)18257200129628
VCDX133 (Rene Van Den Bedem)193718167128424
IT Blood Pressure (Dwayne Lessner)20266157109411
Brian Madden2128716610667
Professional VMware (Cody Bunch)2229717610249
The IT Hollow (Eric Shanks)23351215798219
Pure Storage Guy (Vaughn Stewart)2419-51358864
My Virtual Vision (Kees Baggerman)2553281177695
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Jun 27 2016

Watch the Top vBlog 2016 Results Show Live!

vsphere-land-top-vblog2016-logoJoin myself along with special guests Eric Wright from Turbonomic and John Troyer from TechReckoning as we countdown the top 25 bloggers based on the results from my annual VMware/virtualization blog survey. This event will be broadcast live via Google Hangouts at 10:30am PST on Thursday June 30th right here on vSphere-land.com so bookmark this page, get the popcorn ready and come back when it starts. If you want to tweet about this event please use the hashtag #TopvBlog2016. Alternatively you can view it direct on YouTube at this link. And in case you missed it here’s some statistics on this year’s voting to get you ready for the results.

Of course all this wouldn’t be possible without the support of our official sponsor of Top vBlog 2016:



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Oct 26 2013

Coming soon: Top vBlog 2014 edition


This year the top VMware & virtualization blogger voting will be bigger and better thanks to Veeam. We’ll be doing random prize giveaways both for bloggers that make it into the top 50 and for the voters as well. I’ll randomly pick 3 blogger names and 4 voter names to win prizes which include a Mac Mini, iPad Mini, HP MicroServer, Beats headphones, Roku and a Wii U.


I’ll kick it off in December with a call for nominations for the specific blogger categories and the voting will open up in January. Every year I get some blogs that complain that they were not included in the voting. I make every effort to add any blog that I might notice that isn’t listed but I can’t catch them all. So to make sure your blog is included in the voting form it must be listed on my vLaunchPad site. Please go there and check and if it isn’t please use this form to let me know. Please include your name, blog URL, RSS feed URL and twitter URL. It may take me a bit to get your blog added, I only update it every few weeks, so keep checking back to see if it is listed.

So bloggers if you haven’t blogged much this year you better get blogging as this is an opportunity for you to not only get some great recognition for all your hard work but also win some great prizes. Special thanks to Veeam for making this possible and if you’d like to show your thanks as well click on the below link and check out their great products.


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