Top vBlog 2017 Top 25 & Category results

Below are the results for the Top 25 vBlogs and Category winners that were revealed today. You can watch the recorded results show and the slide deck used is also available below. Full results will be published very soon!

BlogRankPreviousChangeTotal PointsTotal VotesVoting Points#1 Votes# 2016 postsPost Points (2 per post, 400 max)Google Pagespeed %Pagespeed Points 200 possible
Virtually Ghetto (William Lam)1216985738663919310320670%140
ESX Virtualization (Vladan Seget)264463052240686324040081%162
Cormac Hogan33045595044195439418888%176
Wahl Network (Chris Wahl)45135144343242355110285%170
Scott Lowe blog57231973972831178717496%192
vSphere-land (Eric Siebert)612626953842293611222489%178
Virtual Geek (Chad Sakac)71142538367225886913871%142 (Eric Sloof)88023892941929919939831%62
The IT Hollow (Eric Shanks)9231421362541764329118295%190
VMGuru (Various)1018820302911784167915844%88
VCDX133 (Rene Van Den Bedem)111981935220171530244886%172
Derek Seaman's Blog1210-2187527316917173475%150
Punching Clouds (Rawlinson)131631753231151333357085%170
VCDX56 (Magnus Andersson)1415117282101380148416890%180
Cody Hosterman1554391715194147541469274%148
vMiss (Melissa Palmer)1630141670220146210244880%160
vNinja (Christian Mohn)17271015722051246187715486%172
My Virtual Cloud (Andre Leibovici)1814-41498206125417397883%166
Virtualization is Life! (Anthony Spiteri)194425142016510421512324666%132
Long White Virtual Clouds (Webster)2013-7137420112287173456%112
Virtual Jad (Jad El-Zein)213312135218311848153069%138 (Florian Grehl)2240181350174103427314685%170
vInfrastructure Blog (Andrew Mauro)233181332151914513627273%146
Professional VMware (Cody Bunch)2422-213031671043711122219%38
DiscoPosse (Eric Wright)2539141237146985146312663%126


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