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May 10 2009

VMotion Links

VMotion CPU Compatibility for Intel processors VMotion CPU Compatibility for AMD processors VMotion – How to override CPU masks due to CPU mismatch VMotion between Apples and Oranges: Understanding CPU Compatibility Restraints for VMotion VMotion Compatibilty VMotion and VM Compatibility Matrix for Dell PowerEdge Servers VMotion and VM Compatibility Matrix for HP Proliant Servers How …

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Dec 08 2008

Top 10 things you should read about VMware’s VMotion technology

VMware VMotion and CPU Compatibility – A white paper from VMware that explains how VMotion works, the differences between CPU types and features, what CPU masks are and how to use them and what Enhanced VMotion is. Understanding CPU Compatibility Constraints for VMotion (VMworld 2007 – free registration required) – A VMworld 2007 presentation that …

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